Miraculous Traditional Soap?

I was at a Catholic Cemetery in Hollister California.  There in the office I found this old miraculous traditional Catholic soap that even washes away sins.  I guess it was used for the dead people who had not been wise enough to go to Confession before they died.

photoIn the old days, nuns actually wore habits, here is the proof.  In those days they still believed in the 7 deadly sins too.

If that soap wouldn’t work, I guess they would try the traditional Catholic bubble bath.
photoI am trying to find where they still sell this.  If anyone knows, let me know. Then us priests will not have to hear so many confessions.  …just joking.

If only it were that easy.  Please be prepared for death and be in the state of grace by frequent confessions.  We are so fortunate to be traditional Catholics and not fall for the devil’s soap and bubble bath trick.

Now this is no joke, the Holy Tridentine Mass really does whiten souls and helps us stay away from mortal sins.  You can find this at the latinmasstimes.comtumblr_mwm9hyV34A1r6mdnjo1_400