Connecting the Sinful Dots of Watered Down Catholicism That Lead to Suffering

A lady came into the office here at St. Catherine of Siena to pay $3 for a votive candle.  She lives across the street from the rectory/office.  In the middle of the night I hear a lot of screaming women voices coming from near her apartment.  The gun shots usually comes from that direction too.  I asked her what it was all about.

993612_208816379274083_57234886_nShe told me that further up the alley, there is a drug house and she thinks that they beat the prostitutes who do not bring in enough money.

I noticed a young Mexican woman dressed in a very immodest dress walking in that direction the other day.  I felt sorry for her and figured she must be a prostitute from the bright red color of her dress/bathing suit clothing she was wearing.
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I bring this up as I ponder on the decisions that caused this young woman to become a prostitute, be on drugs and to be beaten by men.  All this disturbs me greatly.

Every time we see broken people, prostitutes, drug addicts and alcoholics, it should disturb us deeply.  It should bother us that there are drug cartels, drug houses and youth smoking marijuana.   Who are the men who are getting these women into the sex trade?  Who are those men who are paying to have sex from these prostitutes?  How did they start destroy themselves and the women?  How did all the Mexican Cartels get started?  Let us try to connect the dots and actions to find out what may have gotten that young woman to become a drug using prostitute.
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Her life began when she was born a good baby girl.  God created her in His image and likeness.  Being Mexican, she, more than likely, was taken to a Catholic Church to be baptized by her parents and godparents.  What went wrong?

This is where I draw the line between the Catholic dots that I claim to be the liberal dots.  More than likely it was a baptism where the priest never said anything about denouncing satan, rejecting all his works and making a strong choice to be a holy, practicing Catholic.  I may be wrong.  I do not know.  I was not there.  I am just deducing from the starting point of a Mexican prostitute, and working back to where it all began.

The only reason I am using the Mexican rather than an Anglo, is that it is less likely that the Anglo prostitute is Catholic.  There are Anglo, Black, Oriental, and Hispanic prostitutes.  All of our races sin.  I love all races and want all races to be saved by Jesus’ Catholic Church.

Maybe her parents were not practicing nor understood the Catholic faith very well.  Who is to blame for this?  The bishops, priests, catechist and parents.  We have a Catholicism that is “nice” to those who seek the sacraments.  But what about being “nice” so that these babies do not end up drug addicted prostitutes.  This is why I bring this up.  I do not have all the answers.  I am just pondering on what I have to see everyday and want to help stop what ever caused this young woman to suffer as a beaten prostitutes.

CrownedWithThornsWhether you are liberal, traditional, Catholic or not, it should bother you that society is so bad and people are suffering so much from their sins.  Do you not wonder why?

Every step or dot along the way of this young woman’s life made a difference.  The family she had.  The friends she had in school.  The parish she attended or did not attend.  The priests in the parish.  The bishop in her diocese.  The age she started dating.  The man who took her virginity away.   The friends who offered her drugs for the first time.  The school she attended.  The teachers she had.  The homework she did or did not complete.  The movies she saw.  The friends who introduced her to the music she likes.  The clothing her mother and sisters wear.  The magazines she read.  The books she read.  The prayers she learned or did not learn.  Her family that prayed as a family or not.

Did she have a holy father?  Were her father and mother always working while she partied?  Did her father and mother love her and tell her so?  Was her dad unfaithful to her mother?  Was he using drugs or in prison?  Did he lead his family spiritually?  Did he desert her and her mother?  Did he allow her to party and dress immodestly?

945984_246541835501537_640601987_nWhen she went to mass, did she hear the Catholic truth or was just pleased by a loving messages that everyone is fine the way they are.  Was her family effected by the priest’s homilies.  Were they challenged to be holy and obedient to the rules of Jesus’ Church?

I contend, that all of the suffering in the world today caused by sin is the direct result of watered down Catholicism.  It is caused by priests and bishops who will not say the hard truths because they themselves no longer believe them or want to live by them.  This silence could also be caused by them fearing that they will get in trouble for speaking the Catholic truth with their progressive bishops or the people to whom they preach.

Yes, people will leave the parish if you preach the truth about Catholic morals.

But, I contend that it is precisely because we do not teach these important laws of God (that offend most Catholics), that we have Catholic prostitutes suffering on drugs and being beaten by their pimps.

All along the road to becoming the prostitute, parents, friends and the Church could have been able to save this young woman.  Maybe you will say, no matter how good a priest, parent, or friends she may have had, she could still have chosen to become a drugged prostitute.  That is a possibility.  But good moral teaching, strong Catholic families and self discipline do usually result in happier, holier, healthier lives.

To help our family members and our Church members to stay free, holy, happy and healthy, we can share the straight up Catholic morals with everyone we know.  We can remind them about the great truth; “God’s morals are morals of love to save us from suffering”.  We can remind ourselves that God created us and knows us better than we know ourselves.  His commandments are given to us, His children, out of love to protect us and no other reason.  When will we grow up and understand this wonderful fact?

Man of Sorrows_Christ as the_COTER, Colijn deAs most of us can see the suffering sinners in the world, it is a grace to us to avoid this and a motive to live holy lives to avoid our own suffering.  Out of love you can be a traditional Catholic that speaks the truth in love.  It all boils down to LOVE.  We love God and want to obey Him.  We love others and want them to obey Him so that they will not suffer, here in this world, nor in the world to come forever in Hell.