Progressive Cardinal Mahony Did Not Protect Children From Sex Abuse

On Dec 1, 2013, the LA times published a long article on Cardinal Mahony.  It is really worth reading about how he told sex abusing priest to get out of the country to avoid prosecution.  Also how he sent them to psychological centers for rehabilitation and them put them in active duty again in so called “safe ministries” away from children.  But at the same time he would sympathize with the victims but would ignore the pleas of many of the families of the victims to do something about the problem.   (This is the website where you can read the whole article.)

Cardinal-Mahony-deposition-I bring this up because he is the star for progressive Catholics and who placed them in powerful positions in the Church.  It was good that he was in the forefront of Immigration issues and other social justice issues.  But he was also the battering rod against traditional Catholic.

It was he who gave Mother Angelica such a hard time for criticizing him acting as if he had little faith in the real presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist.  She felt that, in his pastoral document on how to celebrate the mass in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, he did not show enough respect for Jesus in Holy Communion and therefore questioned his belief in the real presence of Jesus in the Holy Host and at mass.  He did everything is his power to stop Mother Angelica’s Eternal Word Television Network.  You can read all this in Raymond Arroyo’s biography on Mother Angelica.

He also was in charge of the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress where most catechist from all over California assisted.  Consistently there were keynote speakers who went against the Church’s teachings.

This information you read about, the agenda of Cardinal Mahony, is not my fabrication.  You can read it in the L.A. Times article.  Most of us have heard about his progressive Catholicism for years from people living in the Archdiocese or who assisted at the LA Congress.

My strong conviction is that the progressives in the Church are soft on moral issues and strong on social justice issues.   Then, under this umbrella, there is also acceptance of active homosexual priest.

But they will say, “Child sex abuse comes from all sexual orientations and are mostly from married heterosexual men”.  That is true, but when it comes to facts about the sex abuse of children in the Catholic Church, it is overwhelmingly priests who have had sex with adolescent boys.  That is called pederasty.  This show a clear connection between active homosexual priests and abuse of adolescent boys.

This graphs on statistics are taken from the L.A. Times Dec. 1, 2013
accused_1This needs to be remembered and brought up often, so that the progressives in charge of the church can be held accountable for this.  It has cost Catholic lay people billions of dollars and lost lands, churches and seminaries.  And Cardinal Mahony continues to be free of any charges, after all the times he did not let the authorities know about abusing priests.

I am sure there is sexual misconduct in the traditional Catholic world too.  May God forgive this and stop it.  Before Vatican II there was sex abuse of minors by priests too.  But the majority of the cases where in the period after Vatican II when the questioning of Catholic morals took place. I know, I heard this directly from priests and religious.  I read the books.  It did not help to have at the same time the sexual revolution that also effected bishops, priests, seminarians and religious as well.

The progressive Archdiocese of L.A. had 200 accused priests, the largest number in any other diocese.  Does that not spell out:         Progressive = Sin.

accused_2We are all sinners.  We are all weak.  But there is a much stronger passion to be holy and avoid sin by traditional Catholics than by progressive Catholics.  And I contribute this to our strong belief in the reality of purgatory and hell as the punishment of sin.  We believe that morals do not change with time.  What was sin in Jesus’ time is still sin today.

A priest friend was call into the chancery for preaching on hell.  The head of the confirmation program got in trouble for saying hell was worse than being stabbed in the back and having your fingernails pulled out.  He was Portuguese and believed that Our Lady really showed hell to Jacinta, Francisco and Lucia.

Thank God we do fear going to hell and try our hardest to not offend God by sinning.  The progressives punish priests who preach on sin and hell.  That is a fact.

accused_3We pray for our own conversions and theirs as well.  We traditional Catholics only want everyone to go to heaven and stay out of hell.  We want everyone to have a happy life which sins takes away.  For this reason we bring these issues up.

St. Bridget said that a priest who is unchaste and offers Holy Mass is “as welcome to Christ as if a prostitute poured her mensa in a cup and offered it to a nobleman to drink.”  She continues; “It would be better before God, in fact, that no Mass be offered than that the “hands of harlots” should touch the Body of Christ.”  She also strongly tells Bishops of their responsibility to make sure they only ordain holy priests and to watch their moral conduct after ordination.