November, Month to Remember the Dead, Ends With death of Actor Paul Walker

After the Holy Latin Mass today, a young woman asked me why God allowed the Actor Paul Walker to die.  She had cried when she heard the news.

He is famous for his roles in the “Fast and Furious” movies.  He died in a single car accident (Porsche GT) in which he was riding as a passenger of a friend on November 30th in Valencia California at the age of 40.  The Porsche eventually burst into flames.

Photo of the car from NYDaily News

walker1n-23I am sorry for his death as well as that of the driver of the car.  I am also sorry for his daughter and family.  Death is very tragic.

The day he died, he had been doing a good thing by helping raise money at a car show for the typhoon victims in the Philippines.  Other than that, I do not know anything about his personal life.  But I do know from looking at the photos on the internet news that he stared in a lot of movies and was a model.  Some of the photos show co-star women in very sexy clothing.

Photo of car after accident from NYDaily News

walker-crashSo, as we remember the last four things; death, judgement, heaven or hell, we know that right there in that Porsche, Paul Walker was judged.

We will hear all the lamenting of his death, but will there be anyone to ask where is he spending eternity.  I am not God, so I will not place him anywhere.  But every action that he did and had not repented of and stopped doing, will be paid for before the Almighty God.  For example staring in movies that have immoral messages or scenes.  Most of our youth today are morally formed by the TV and Movies they watch.  And those producing them or acting in them are responsible for the moral decadence of our youth today.

I never go to the theatre unless it is a good Catholic movie put on by a Catholic group.  The few times I have gone into a theatre, I see the terrible movies that are being shown.

Movie stars work hard to be famous and rich.  They become rich and famous by doing immoral acting that takes away the youths innocence from them.  Jesus warns us about being a source of scandal to one of these little ones.  He says it is better to have a millstone tied around ones neck and thrown into a lake than to take away the innocence of a child. (Luke 17:2)

Photo of the melted down Porsche from NYDaily News

spl659810-010I have nothing against Paul Walker.  I had never heard of him before seeing it on the internet news.  But I do want to remind us that while the world glorifies movie stars and rich people, we want to know how God views these things.

I often thought about all the outpouring of sympathy for Princes Diana’s death.
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 But I also would think about where is she now.  I would say, most likely, and not for sure, she is in hell.  Why, because she was divorced and running around with another man when they both died.  I also read, but am not sure about it, that she had had an abortion???

Photo of Prince Diana’s Mercedes Benz from Bellavitas blog spot.MJ 2011 Princess diana crash 2So in the world eyes these actors and royalty are glorified in life and after life.  But the important lesson for us is: no matter what glory we may receive in life or death, if we die in sin that has not been repented of, we are damned for all eternity in the eternal fires of hell.

Paul Walker died in an fiery crash.  That is horrible.  But being in the fiery place of hell with all the devils for all eternity, is a billion times more horrible.

1452297_254768528012201_687571658_nNow as to the question of the young lady about why God allowed him to die.  I say God did not cause him to die in anyway.
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 God never made cars.  God gave us feet to walk on and it is very rare that two people walking and crashing into someone will end up dead.  God loves us and made things safe for us.  We came up with fast cars, trains and airplanes.  Do not blame man’s inventions on God.  (Porsche GT)

God did not want Paul Walker to die.  But being in a car and with the reports that the car was driving fast, that is why he died.  If he had lived a healthy holy life and died in bed asleep, then I would assume God took him.  God knows when we are to die, but He is not out trying to kill us.  We kill ourselves.

holyfamily15Often when dealing with families of youth who have died in car accidents, the parents ask, why did God take him.  First we see if there was alcohol or drugs involved.  Then was there speeding involved.  Or was he texting while driving?  God is against people drinking and driving, so it is not His fault when they die.  God also wants us to drive safely, and not speeding or texting.

Now if someone were to hit us when we are not doing anything wrong and we die, then maybe we can say God allowed it to happen.  But He still did not want us to die.  And again when walking, one is way safer.

Rogation Procession_Papa SMany time when there are tragedies like a car accident, God brings good out of it.  God gave us His laws and advice to keep us healthy and safe till natural death.  But is a tragic death happens, He will be sure to bring some good out of the sorrow and pain caused by the death.  May we be living in the state of grace, looking forward to Going to God if we may happen to die at any instant of our lives.