Almost Everyone and everything is Against Traditional Catholicism Except God


We traditional Catholics only have the power of God to support us.  And I would say, here and there, we find a little support from some kind, educated people in the Church.  But the overwhelming forces are against us, including most of those in charge of the church.  This is because they have pride, or are progressives or have not studied, therefore they fail to understand what has happened to true Catholicism since Vatican II.  There are some very good people in authority of the Church who do not get it yet.

So, not only are they against tradition, but the culture is against us, the movies, our families, our jobs, our schools, television, government, all go against traditional Catholicism.

JesusCastingOut_satanWe must never forget who is the master mind behind all this opposition; it is the devil.  Here are some of his tricks to opposes traditional Catholicism:

  1. Directing people to sensual pleasure and against making sacrifices.  (Give me my sex, money, shopping and freedom to do what ever I want to do.)
  2. Confusing well intended people to think they know it all and that the traditional Catholics are extremest and not to be taken seriously.  (This closes their minds to further pertinent information on truth that could help them change their minds.)
  3. Telling us that the Catholic Church has to change in order to keep up with science, psychology and “modern man”.  (Neither God or True Catholic Dogma can ever change.)
  4. Developing in each one of us a subtle pride that puts us as the absolute criteria for what is truth.  (In opposition of the 2000 years of Catholic teaching that is outside and independent of our subjective opinions.)
  5. Laziness when it comes to studying the Bible, Church history, development of the sacred liturgy, comparing how the Church prayed before in liturgy, the actual text’s and all of the Church’s dogma.  (It takes so much effort to study all this information and we can easily think we are experts on all Catholic matters when we actually know very little.  Hardly anyone knows that the Latin Mass was offered for hundreds of years.  How could the church be so wrong for so many years and so right all of a sudden?)
  6. Keeping us very busy so we have no time to pray.  (Without prayer we can not be sensitive to the working of the Holy Spirit.)
  7. Keeping us addicted to noise, music, television and electronic stimulus.  (We find it very very difficult to stay quiet and passive in the presence of God. Catholics in general have never heard of, or practiced, contemplative prayer.)
  8. To hate any kneeling or receiving communion on the tongue.  (We are told that we are people of the resurrection not the crucifixion and should stand.  The devil is said to have no knees to kneel and adore God on.)
  9. Please people and to care what others think of us.
  10. Being afraid of being ridiculed or called being “holy than thou”.
  11. Not questioning what is practiced by the majority of Catholics all over the world and assuming this is what pleases God.  (Every parish and every mass is different, how can they all be the right way to worship God).
  12. Getting discouraged and depressed.  (This takes the passion out of our love for God.)
  13. By telling us that everyone is right, they just have a different point of view.  (That is the problem with relativism where no absolute truth exist.)
  14. All religions are good because the are spiritual.  (The Catholic Church is the only religion Jesus started and we love her because He died for her.)
  15. All people are basically good and that is enough for them to be saved.  (Jesus died to save all mankind, but this salvation comes about by them accepting Jesus graces through the Holy Sacraments of the Catholic Church.)
  16. The Church is new since Vatican II.  (Everything before is out of date with modern man, his religion and morals.)
  17. Focusing on the Resurrection with out the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross. (The resurrected Jesus has the wounds that St. Thomas put his fingers into and hand into.
  18. Do not offend people.  (This put people above God and where God is offend to please people.)
  19. Have fear of the hierarchy and angry people who have the power in the church to not allow the Summorum Pontificum to be implemented as permitted by Ecclesia Dei.

Brooklyn_Museum_-_Our_Lady_of_the_Rosary_with_SaintsSo, no matter what, we need to stay faithful to Jesus and Mary.  We need God and Mary because we can not do this battle against the devil and all his minions alone.  Each time we go the the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass or say the Holy Rosary, we need to remind ourselves that God and Mary are working powerfully on our behalf every instant of the struggle.  That is why we are happy and hopeful.

Death is the Final Justice.  Here we do not have justice.  After death justice will be dealt out to all those that are only for the new church of the last 50 years.

dom08Our job is to live each day, knowing that we love God and others and that He will give us the grace and strength to be faithful till the final battle is won.

God will not be mocked.  For this reason we pray for all those who are blinded by the devil and the world so that they may see clearly.  But, let us also be vigilant, less we too be deceived.  For this reason we ask God for the graces to be very humble and holy.