God is So Good When We Try to Be Good Traditional Catholics Everywhere We Go.

Flying home to be with my parents for Thanksgiving.  I was seated by a woman.  I asked her how she was.  She responded; “great, because I am going to be flying next to a priest.”  I asked her if she was a Catholic.  She answered affirmative.  My next question was; are you liberal or conservative or in-between?  She thought and finally shyly answered; “I would consider myself conservative”.  Her name was Kelly.

1425746_248657411956646_1005564565_nThen a Mexican man (Martin) got on the plane at the last minute and sat down.  Before long all three of us were having a great discussion about our Catholic faith and how fortunate we were to be all seated together.

Julio AlvarezI brought out my computer and began showing them photos of the Catholic martyrs of the Cristeros.  The lady had never heard of them.  The man came from Cuernavaca and knew about Chalma and Malinalco.  I showed them the work I do with the poor in Malinalco. But then the fun started when I showed them pictures of the Holy Latin Mass and other great traditional Catholic art.  Then Martin went and brought his wife Marta to see all the pictures too.  We all had such a great time that the 1 1/2 hour flight literally flew by.

Then to end it all, we prayed the rosary together.  It was such a joy and I told them about St. Stephen’s First Martyr because they lived close to Sacramento, California.  They go to Mass often, but not every Sunday.  So of course I told them the necessity to go every Sunday.  I really encouraged them to be Holy Catholics.  They took down the name of this blog and are probably going to read this blog.  It was just a great joy to fly together.

DSCF6916The reason they wanted my blog info was because they loved the traditional Catholic art.  So we need to share more of the great treasures of Catholicism like the Latin Mass, the Art and Architecture.
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 Beauty speaks on its own.  Truth stands on its own.

tumblr_mw6mg2yKIv1r6mdnjo1_500Then my friends went with me to pray the Holy Rosary at the Abortion Mill in Modesto.  Please try to go once a week and pray a Holy Rosary for the end of murder of the babies.  Also tell people that it is legal in most places of the United States to kill babies right up to 9 months.  If you kill them before they are delivered (partial birth abortion killing) no imprisonment.  Kill the same child instantly after it is delivered, years of prison time.  Not fair and makes absolutely no sense.  My traditional young friends had never heard that it was legal to kill babies in the womb up to 9 months.

It is so wonderful to be serving Jesus Christ and saving souls.  We cannot save the whole world, that is Jesus’ job.  But we can save one soul at a time.

But there are three factors;

1) God’s grace and divine interaction.

2) Our effort and prayers.

3) A willingness and openness to God’s grace and our efforts on the part of the lost soul.  If the person who is in sin or not a Catholic will not accept God’s help and truth, there is nothing God or any person can do.  But we never know how what we say may effect someone some day.  Truth has a way of sticking forever.

We do our part, but remembering that for our actions to have success, we are dependent on God’s help.  Then we have to let the person decide on his own.  We pray, share truth, love and let God the other person do the rest.  Most of us did not convert overnight.  So let us continue to say Catholic truths straight up, in love for their souls, and then be very patient for them to respond to God and the information we have shared about truth and our faith.

575717_247220438767010_768162728_nSince liberal Catholics tend to see all people as being saved already, they tend to not try to convert sinners and save souls.
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 We who know the Bible and the lives of the saints know how narrow the gate is, as Jesus says.   For this reason we really try hard to save souls from eternal damnation and the pains of hell.  In helping others to be holy, we are at the same time reminded of our own weaknesses and need for prayer, mortification and watchfulness less we too be amongst the damned.