Prepare Ye Not the Way of the Antichrist # 1

I do not know when the Antichrist will come.  But you have to be blind to not see the many signs of preparation for an Antichrist.   The Book of Revelations or Apocalypse tells us about the times of Roman Emperor Nero and the coming of the Antichrist.  It is one of the most scary Books in the Bible.  Please read it if you have not done so.

imagesIn St. John’s book of the Apocalypse, he describes the scarlet colored beast who came out of the sea with seven heads and ten horns and the dragon who gave him power.  He also writes about the whore woman seated on the dragon with whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication and become drunk with her whoredom.  The merchants of the earth have been made rich by the power of her delicacies.  They adore the dragon and the first beast.

Then there is a second beast who comes out of the sea with two horns like a lamb and spoke as a dragon.  This beast seduced the people with signs and the resurrection of the slain first dragon and fire coming out of the sky.   Who ever did not adore the image of the beast was to be slain.  All else were to have the character in their right hand or on their foreheads.  No one can sell or buy without having the name or the beast, the number of the beast or the character of the beast.  That number being 666.

As we Catholic know, the meaning of this is first Antichrist was the Roman Emperor Nero who destroyed Jerusalem in 70 A.D..  Also it was the Emperors Caligula, Titus and Claudius were also seen as antichrists.
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But the second meaning is an Antichrist whom has yet to come.  There is no exact statement on which one is the Antichrist; some say the dragon, others say one of two beast.  But we do believe in the coming of an Antichrist.

Jesus also foretells the coming of false prophets proclaiming to be Him.

Our Lady of RansomThe 1st. and 2nd. letters of St. John records that the Antichrist has come and more will come.  He also describes him as one who denies that Jesus is the Christ, denies the Father and the Son and is a deceiver.

The prototype of an Antichrist is found in the Book of Daniel.  It is in the person on Antiochus Epiphanes who will come in his own name and is associated with the abomination of desolation.

In the Catholic Encyclopedia we find that Francisco Suarez maintains that the Antichrist is a definite individual, and enemy of Christ.  The Antichrist will not be a demon nor a incarnation of the devil in human nature.  He will be a human person and perhaps of Jewish extraction.

We traditional Catholics need to be completely awake and reading the signs of the times.  We can be prepared by staying in the state of grace at all times.  Also by staying close to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.  And of course Mary who helps us byTriumph of the Church over Fury Discord Hate_RUBENS, Pieter Pauwel Jesus’ power to crush the head of the serpent.