Antichrist # 2

So today we see more and more signs of the preparation for an Antichrist.  Here are some signs:

1472075_251950508294003_1988518467_n1) Extreme rise in crime.

2) Addiction to drugs, alcohol, pornography, gambling, and shopping.

3) Catholics leaving the Catholic church.

4) Abortions and homosexuality.

5) Youth selling their souls to the devil.

6) Rapid spreading of the Illuminati.

7) Growth in satanic religion.

8) Growth in the Wiccan religion.

9) Breakdown of marriage and family. (hardly anyone getting married civilly or in the church, most people just live together).

10) All religions considered equal.  Atheist chaplains in hospitals.

11) Schools taking anything religious out and putting in instead Harry Potter, Twilight series, books on the occult.
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12) sex education that teaches children that it is normal to have sex at a young age without marriage and there is something good about homosexual sex.

13) Huge increase in atheist.

14) Satanic music.

15) Immodest dress.

16) Androgynous hair and clothe styles.

17) Tattoos and body piercing.

18) Movies and TV and Internet getting more and more anti religion.

19) Laws that go against freedom of religion, such as having to pay for insurance that supplies birth control pills, abortion, sterilization and morning after pill.

20) Politically correct Catholic bishops, priests and religious who go along with government laws to help the poor even when they go against God’s laws.

21) Universal green laws to make one government.

22) Economic dependency on Communist China.

23) Catholic countries give up autonomy to join European Union and who obey their laws. From this the attempt to remove anything Catholic from public places like crucifixes.

24) Not being able to talk about religion at work or wear Catholic crucifixes at work.
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25) No Christmas songs or trees or celebrations because it is christian.

26) Getting rid of the Ten Commandments from courthouses from which all laws are derived from.
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1422632_249797465175974_1361071215_nThere are many more items that can be listed, but these are what come to mind right now.

We need to be brave and stand up for God’s laws even when the government will penalize us, and even some day put us in prison or kill us.

We also need to stand up for God’s laws in the Catholic church even when we are also penalized and silenced.

God will not be mocked.  God needs us.  We need God.