St. Bridget Relates Jesus’ Harsh Words for Priests and Bishops Who Do Not Condemn Sin

Today, more than ever, we traditional Catholics are labeled extremest and punished if we criticize the changes that have been made in the Church or condemn sin.

557074_224730011016053_307635482_nI was looking for St Bridget’s statement where she told about seeing a family member cast into hell.  I remember her saying this was the worst thing she had ever experience.  I did not find that quote.  But I did find in Christ’s revelations to her many more very important things for us traditional Catholics who Love Jesus and His Church.

Here is a small part about what Jesus says about priests and bishops who do not correct sinners.
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“The bad example of many priests leads many people gradually into spiritual blindness and to become complacent in sin, and then to even boast about it, even if previously they had been ashamed of it.”

Priests and religious are accused by Christ of being deficient and often totally negligent in their preaching and instructing the people in their faith.   Christ complains to St. Bridget: “They do not speak of my wonderful deeds nor do they teach my doctrine, but instead teach love of the world”  Revelation 4 132

St. Bridget writes that many priests succumb to the temptation to avoid preaching and teaching about the “hard sayings” of Christ in order not to offend people and to be well received by them, and for monetary gain.  They yield to the demands of the world because they fear and cannot endure being persecuted and hated by the world.  By presenting what is agreeable to people, Christ’s justice remains hidden and the people blindly live in presumptuous confidence of their salvation.  Revelation 8Massys_Ecce Homo_Madrid, Prado_c.1515

One is reminded of Christ’s denunciation of the scribes and Pharisees of His time: “Woe to you… you hyprocrites!  You who shut up the knowledge of the kingdom of heaven in men’s faces, neither going in yourself nor allowing others to go in who want to.” (Mt 23:22)  Compare this with John 15:19: “If you were of the world, the world would love you its own; but because you are not of the world, because I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.” and Mt. 10:22 “and you will be hated by all for my name’s sake.”

St. Bridget hears the devil tempting a certain bishop: “Of what concern is it to you how this or that person lives?  Why should you often and correct those by whom you could be honored and loved?  If they don’t often you and your loved ones, why should you care how they live or whether they offend God?  If you are good yourself, why should you judge others? Revelations 3. 2 and 4. 126

St. Bridget states that many priests follow this advice, to their own damnation.  They ignore sin that should be corrected.
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 They choose to forget, (on account of their worldly and carnal attachments, as well as inordinate concern for human respect), that reproving the sinner is a spiritual work of mercy, the neglect of which they will be held accountable before God. Revelation 3. 15.  She also accuses bishops of tolerating and ignoring the great scandal of priests living unchaste lives.  Revelation 1. 23.

St. Bridget in her Revelations emphasizes that the reform of the clergy is required for the reform of the laity.  She says that when the pope, bishops and priests live lives of holiness, the laity will follow, as sheep follow their shepherds.  This principle had already been expressed earlier in the fourteenth century by the formula: “as in the head, so also in the members of the body”.  There is also and ancient proverb: “When the head aches, all the body is the worse.”

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