The Traditional Catholic Faith Will Not be Overcome by the Gates of Hell

I have heard a saying that went something like this when the communist were trying hard to destroy the Catholic Church: “Do you communist think you will be able to destroy the Catholic Church?  We Catholics have been trying inside the Church and have never succeeded over all these hundreds of years.  You will never succeed either”.

Vatican-II-processing-inWhen I read the book “Triumph, The Power and Glory of the Catholic Church” by H. W. Crocker III, I realized that the Gates of Hell will never prevail against the Catholic Church by God protecting it miraculously and many many martyrs suffering to defend the faith.

So we all see the great exodus of Catholics from the Church since Vatican II.  My family and your family have mostly deserted the Catholic Faith and for the most part christianity.  My dad is Italian.  My generation of my family is the first generation in almost 2000 years to stop being Catholics.  This is the same for most nationalities who were once strong Catholics.

vatican fountainBut the more we study, the more we realize that it takes prayers and action to defend Jesus’ Catholic Church.

I am trying to remember every morning before I start my morning Breviary, why I am praying.  I am reminding myself that my prayers united with the prayers of faithful Catholics all over the world are going to be heard and will have a positive effect on the Church and on society.

We all need more faith so that our humble prayers will have a great effect.  Again, why are we praying the Holy Rosary?  Because so many tremendous miracles have come from the simple recitation of the Holy Rosary.  So before we pray the 15 decades, we need to remind ourselves why we are praying it and remembering all the miracles Mary has brought about throughout history.

The Jews at the beginning never prevailed in destroying the small Christian beginning.  the Romans never prevailed.  The gnostics never prevailed.  The Arians never prevailed.  The Albigensians never prevailed.  Luther’s revolution never prevailed.  King Henry’s murders and robberies of Catholic lands never prevailed.  The French Revolution never prevailed.  Napoleon never prevailed.  The Masons never prevailed.  The communist never prevailed.   The Nazis never prevailed.  The Fascist never prevailed.  The secularist in Mexico never prevailed.

fjsheenSo what makes the liberal modernist think they will prevail?  What makes the atheist think they will prevail?  What makes the feminist think they will prevail?  What makes the Homosexual mafia think they will prevail?

But Jesus does ask the question: “Will there be any faith when I return?”.  As always the remnant will suffer the cross and will survive with God’s help.

We will survive by loving Jesus and His Church above all things.
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 Love conquers all things. As we grow in love and faith we are able to share our love for God’s truth.  Let us love our enemies and love suffering for God.  I am not quite there yet, but I know that that is the sure way to heaven.

Yes, all those great powerful Roman Emperors that persecuted the early Catholics are gone and the Church remains.  All the powerful and rich people who have tried to destroy the Church are dead and gone too.  All the politicians and governments that persecuted the Church over the 2000 years are mostly gone as well.  Yes the governments are still persecuting the Church today in many parts of the world, but they also will eventually disappear too.  The powerful people in the Church who have brought about changes in the Catholic doctrine have died too.  Those who continue to work for changes of unchangeable truths will be gone some day too.

Meanwhile we pray and work to maintain the Deposit of Faith that Jesus and the Apostles passed on to us that can never be changed.  It is difficult to be a traditional Catholic, but we also will be gone to death too.  May we be faithful to truth in this life no matter how much we are persecuted, so that we may be welcomed into heaven by Truth Himself.
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