Traditional Catholic Burying of the Dead and Cremation

We are all going to die.  The statistics have not changed, 100% of all humans will die eventually.  Of course we are only referring to the body.  Our souls are immortal.  They will live on for all eternity.

Clare_death of_MASTER of HeiligenkreuzBut death is the most serious instant in our existence.
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 At that moment, we will either be damned to hell for all eternity, or be saved and sent for purification in Purgatory.  Some totally pure souls will go directly to Heaven to be in the beatific vision of God for all eternity.

So that last breath is of utmost importance.  While we still have breath, we still have a chance to be saved by Jesus Christ’s mercy.  We still can go to confession and be absolved of our sins.

Hopefully each one of us has already made that confession with great sorrow for our sins and have begun a life of holiness and good works.  But nonetheless we need to keep that last breath in mind and humbly pray to Jesus for final perseverance.

DeathThe saints always related how the devil came at the last minute of their holy lives to try to get them to sin or despair of God’s mercy and forgiveness.  It is the sin of presumption that makes someone to presume that they are saved no matter what.  No, the fact is, that but for God’s grace, and our correct actions, will we be saved.

So since it is inevitable to keep on living and we will all die, we need to live a holy life and also plan our funeral.
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 While we are able to make our own decisions, we need to ask for the best prayers for our souls possible, the Holy Requiem Mass.

But we also need to think about the mortuary and the burial spot.  Long time ago I had planned on being cremated because 1) it was the cheapest funeral, and  2) because it was the easiest for my family and friends to handle.  I wanted the cheapest, simplest, and easiest funeral so I would not be an imposition on anyone.  I am sure some of you feel the same way.

All this changed when I started to learn more about relics and incorrupt bodies of the saints.  This is when I realized that our individual bodies are holy and should not be burned.  God uses the dead bodies of saints to do great miracles.  That shows us that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and should be respected.

497px-Death_of_Saint_Francis_of_Assisi_flemish_16th_centuryThe international Congress of Freemasons, on December 8 1869, imposed it as a duty on all it members to do everything possible to wipe out Catholics from the face of the earth by promoting Cremation.  This was done so as to undermine our faith in the resurrection of the body and everlasting life as we profess in the Apostolic Creed.

Even though the Church allows cremation when it is consistent with Catholic belief in the resurrection of the body, nonetheless we should go against what the masons want and respect our bodies.

You do not need to be embalmed.  That is an extra expense that is not necessary, if you keep the body of your loved one in the cooler room, and do not wait for a long time to have the funeral.  In Mexico they stay up all night with the body in a vigil of prayer.  Then they bury the person the next day after the Holy Mass.  We should not put off the Funeral if at all possible.

Death_Skull_CHAMPAIGNE, Philippe deGet the cheapest coffin possible, because it will only be used at the mass and grave and then be buried under the ground.  We are not about showing off how rich we are.

All we need are prayers prayers and more prayers.

We should be buried in consecrated ground of a catholic cemetery if possible.

I do not see any reason for the big party after that “celebrates the life of the person”.  I think it is a sad time and there needs to be a time of grieving rather than the big party afterwards.  It is good that the family keep on wearing black to show that they are still morning.
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 Remember to tell everyone to not come in short dresses and breast exposed.  So many funeral I do have extremely immodest dresses on the granddaughters.

Above all, let us be prepared for death and have our funeral plans set in cement so that no one can change them.

One last suggestion is to do a video of what words you wish to leave to your family and friends.  In this way you give your last “testament” to your family about what was important to you especially about your Catholic Faith.  If you can not do a video, at least take the time to write a letter in which you express your beliefs and desires for those whom you love and leave behind.