Traditional Catholic Free Will to Obey God’s Laws

Why is it so hard for us to obey God’s laws?  Why do we fall into mortal sin so easily?

Before Adam and Eve rebelled against God’s rule of “not eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil”, they were able to obey God with ease.  Their souls were endowed with sanctifying grace which is the principle of supernatural life.

Prado Annunciation_Adam and Eve_detWe know that their soul and bodies were in harmony.  What the soul wanted, the body cooperated easily with it.  Let us say for example, when they wanted to communicate with God in prayer, their body would help them in this action.  Their human passions, especially sexual and eating passions were totally in submission to their souls wish to be chaste in communion with God.
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 Their emotions were also in order and lent themselves to serving the desire to be holy and to do holy actions.

By the rebellion against God and consuming the forbidden fruit of knowledge, Adam and Eve lost sanctifying grace which not only brought on the eminent death of their bodies (principle of human life), but also, and much worse, death to their souls (principal of supernatural life).  These are the consequences of original sin.
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This brought all the children of Adam and Eve the condition of concupiscence.  This can be described as the rebellion of the lower appetites against what is holy and right to do.

So when we want to do the holy thing, it is difficult because we are weighed down with the disordered human passions of our body and our feelings.   Let us humbly admit we are messed up.  But we do not stay there.  We allow the graces we receive in Holy Communion and Penance to put back into order our bodily passions with that which is pleasing to God and gives us interior peace.

lorenzo_monaco3I will discuss this in more depth, but for now, I want to show that we have a tendency, inclination to give in to the bodily desires like sloth, lust, gluttony, than we are to prayer and sacrifice for God and neighbor.  And I am sure all of you know this from your daily struggle with temptations and your disordered passions.

Inorder to overcome these weaknesses, we need grace and virtues.  With God’s help we start to exercise our will in small ways by doing small sacrifices and acts that are good and pleasing to God, and at the same time, exercising our will to turn away from what ever would offend God.

So let us start today to say yes to what is holy and loving, and no to what is fleshly and selfish.

Holy Ghost_stained glassIt is so good to be a traditional  Catholic and to be taught that we are sons and daughters of God and have free will to do what pleases God and the grace to say no to what would offend Him and our neighbor.  We love God and our Neighbor, for this reason we want to please Him.