Latin Masses in Charlotte North Carolina and Phoenix meet.

James and Michelle were on their honeymoon and flew through Phoenix Az on the way back to North Carolina.
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 Their flight was delayed, so they called me.  I picked them up at the airport and gave them a tour of St. Catherine’s Parish.  I showed them all that is being done and was able to introduce them to a lot of the people behind all the great traditional  things that are happening here.

IMG_0423Chris Laurer and James and Michelle are the ones who have organized the Latin Mass in Charlotte N.C.

030413-charlotte-latin-mass-2They were not getting anywhere till Chris wrote to Ecclesia Dei.  A letter was sent by Ecclesia Dei to their bishop and they were able to have the Latin Mass.  So now they have the Latin Mass every Sunday at 12:30 pm at St. Ann Catholic Church in Charlotte.  It is not easy as all of you know, because you are treated as the second class Catholic because you like the Holy Mass the Saints went to for hundreds and hundreds of years.  But they still continue on.

God bless all of you who have to deal with so much hassle to have the Extraordinary Form of the Holy Mass.  My prayer is that all parishes all over the world will rediscover the sacredness of the Latin Mass and return to it.  It is happening little by little.  Let us pray for each other and support each other.
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 God loves the Holy Latin Mass.  The devil hates it.

IMG_0427Steve and Margarita Christiansen were here today too and return to Ripon tomorrow after Latin Mass.  The Latin Mass Altar boys played basketball with me this afternoon.  My weekly exercise is basketball or soccer on Sunday afternoons.  Don’t forget to try to pray, eat healthy and exercise.Christ in Majesty with the Patron Saints of Cremona_BOCCACCINO, Boccaccio