Traditional Catholic Birthday Celebration

Thanks be to God I turned 65 years old today on the feast of St. Albert the Great.  I called my mother to thank her for giving me life and not aborting me.  My mother would never have aborted me, but if every living person would thank their mother for not killing them in the womb, we would stop all abortions.

Every birthday I always celebrate with others who have the same birthday as I do.  It just happened to be that two boys from St. Catherine who have the same birthday.  The school children sang happy birthday to me and to them this morning before holy hour.  Then there is a boy in catechism and another boy who is the son of one of the youth leaders here too.

Started off the birthday celebrations with the Holy Latin Mass.
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IMG_0397Then great food and friendship.   I am getting to know everyone here and enjoying their goodness.IMG_0408IMG_0415

I never want presents, money or cards.   Just people getting together because we love God and each other.  I want to encourage all of you, for your birthdays to celebrate with the Holy Latin Mass and a potluck afterwards.