Great St. Albert a Traditional Man

St. Albert is a magnanimous traditional saint.   His feast day is November 15.

2602_1_4609218a9a9e8He was born into a noble family in 1206.  They did everything possible to give him the best education.  He studied at the University of Padua, again to get the best education money could afford.

He was an expert in every scholastic area possible.  He was one of the top experts on the natural sciences about plants and animals.  But he also was and expert in astronomy, physics, mineralogy, chemistry, zoology, physiology and phrenology.  He was one of the greatest men in all of Europe at that time.

18_san_alberto_magno_patrono_ciencias_naturalesAt 17 years old he gave up the glory of the world to become a Dominican.
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 This is when he started studying the most important things for eternity; philosophy and theology.  He studied Aristotle with a critical mind to see the good in his philosophy and to point out the errors in his thinking as well.

Later, as a teacher in Paris, he educated St. Thomas Aquinas and foretold his greatness and the good he would do for the Catholic Church.  This is what he said about St. Thomas; “We call him the dumb ox, but in his teaching he will one day produce such a bellowing that it will be heard throughout the world”

God gave St. Albert his intelligence.  His parents sent him to the best schools.  He disciplined himself to apply his intelligence to learn and to find truth.  And sacrificing, marriage, sex and wealth, he went on to apply all his brilliant knowledge to the holy study of philosophy and theology.
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 In here lies the secret to his true magnanimity, his greatness.

Albert-the-GreatHe loved God above all things and applied his talents, time and passion to the natural things of this world (natural sciences) to lead to the supernatural world.  He went from the physical to the meta-physical.  From the study of what can be seen and experimented with, he went to the first cause behind all the created, to the creator beyond the physical science.

Each one of us has been given great talents too.  What makes the difference between an ordinary person and a magnanimous person?  In looking at St. Albert the Great, we see his faith in the supernatural God.  This was backed up by his discipline to study all the natural sciences that let to the question how did they come into existence.  Then his love for God allowed him to sacrifice his life to be dedicated to learning and teaching truth.  His natural curiosity helped him to learn by observing and experimenting with all he was surrounded with.

santalbertWe all have talents that God will ask us to give accounting for at the end of our lives.   What have we done with our time, money, intelligence and education?  It is never too late to be come a magnanimous person.

Today you do not have to be rich to get a good education.  Anyone can get the level of education St. Albert received today for free.  So there is no excuse.  Let us pray for more faith to step out into darkness and do God’s will.  Let us ask for the grace to be disciplined in our studies.  And let us remember that death is approaching and all that all we have will be left behind except what we did for God.

As we love God with our whole heart and mind, may we do the little things and the great things for the greatest glory of God.  St. Albert the Great pray for us to be small in the eyes of this passing world and great in the eyes of God for all eternity.