Be Loving Bold Traditional Catholics at The Dentist

We belong to the Church that Jesus Started.  We need to be proud for His sake.  Everywhere that we go we need to help people come to truth.

The retreat was for the 8th Grade was at a protestant camp.  So in a loving way, when I had the opportunity, I would tell them that I was a Catholic priest and ask them if they had any Catholic family members.
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 One of the camp organizers told me that he had some Catholic relatives from Spain.  I invited him the the Latin Mass.  It just happened that he had to clean that building that morning, so he stopped in for a few minutes.  Then there were two cleaning ladies who were hispanic.  Both were Catholic and one asked for a blessing and was sad she missed the Holy Mass.

JesusShepherdLast night they took us on a hay ride.  Well the young woman who lead it was named Juanita.  So I asked if she had any Catholic family.  She said her dad’s family is from Oaxaca Mexico but he is now a protestant missionary there.  She went on to say the Catholics in Mexico are into darkness, superstition and the saints.

I listened to her, then told her I had been in Oaxaca with my Catholic Missionaries and that there is some brujeria (witchcraft) in Mexican Catholics, but that is not all of the Catholics.  I went on to tell her about Our Lady of Guadalupe converting the Aztecs from human sacrifices.

She brought up a good point.  She said that Catholics are ritualistic without changing their immoral behaviors.  I told her rituals are good, but we do need to be converted to Jesus’ way of life.  But I also told her that I am sure in her church, not everyone is perfect.  But she is right in that we Catholics should be Holy as well as ritualistic.  The Graces that come from the Holy Mass should change our souls.

When I got back from the retreat I went to the dentist.  The dental hygienist asked if I wanted nova cane for the deep cleaning.  I said no because I had the 5:30 Holy Mass.  She seemed a bit understanding.  So I ask if she was Catholic.  She said her family was but never went to mass.  We had a good discussion, the little I could get in between my teeth cleaning.  I am going to take her a book on Catholicism.  I gave her my blog name so that she could understand traditional Catholicism.  She was very nice and wants to learn more.

Triumph of the Church over Fury Discord Hate_RUBENS, Pieter PauwelThen I had a cavity to be filled.  The dentist spent a long time waiting to fill my tooth because he wanted to talk to me about politics and charity.  He told me that conservative people are way for generous with charities than are liberals.  This was true whether or not they were religious.  But of course religious people are more generous to charities than non religious people.

This discussion came about because a good friend of his was who went from religious to anti-religious was saying that religion and conservative politicians are against helping others.  This is pretty scary.  We are now seen as anti charitable because we do not go along with the government getting involved with charity.  I guess with the government medical insurance issue.  I am not sure.  He told his friend to find the truth google charity, liberal vs. conservative and non religious vs. religious.  The truth comes out we do way more.  He googled it.

We Catholics have done more good for the poor and everyone through out our history.  But lately we are not doing as much.  Let us take the hospitals for example.  In the 50’s it was a given that the poor could get free medical care at a Catholic hospital.  But now many of them have become big corporations.  I know for a fact that they are taking the name Catholic our of their titles because they no longer want to go along with Catholic guidelines on tubal ligations, sterilizations and as happened here in Phoenix, an abortion.

The dentist (not Catholic) and I had a long talk.  It was very very good.  When I told him that birth control is wrong, he quoted from the Bible to be fruitful and multiply.  So you need to be who you are and share truth.  It was a great visit and a great beginning of a friendship and hopefully a deeper understanding about Catholic truth.

We traditional Catholics are proud to hold up to everyone Jesus Christ and His Holy Church.