Traditional Catholic Miracle

As I arrived yesterday here in Prescott Arizona for the St. Catherine Grammar School 8th Grade retreat, I received a phone call from the secretary from the parish.  She said a man had called and wanted to donate land here in Prescott.  This man now lives in Idaho and used to go to the Latin Mass when I was at St.
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Patricks in Ripon California.

IMG_0361How can you explain, that of all times, he had decided to call me from Idaho to donate the property, exactly when I am here in Prescott.  I remember driving on the outskirts of Prescott once before, but to actually be in Prescott, this is my first time.

He wants to donate a 2 acre lot in the forest, outside of Prescott.  So today I drove out and found the lot.  The lot is currently listed for $99,000.  It is located in a very nice wooded neighborhood.  I went over to meet the neighbor who told me that once before someone tried to find water and failed.
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 He told me it now cost $10,000 just to try to get water, no guarantee.  The neighbor said he would love to buy it so that no one would build next to him, but he does not have the money right now.  I told him I would not be greedy if he wanted to buy it.  He will think about it.

IMG_0360If anyone knows someone who is interested in the lot, the address is 585 Happy Valley Rd. Prescott Arizona.  I took a picture of a deer in the driveway of the neighbor.IMG_0364

I have set up the non-profit corporation for this purpose for the future of the hoped for Order of St. Pius V.

But just that this happened exactly when I was here and the kind generosity of this man, is very up lifting.  It just goes to shows that God is helping to spread the Holy Latin Mass and all the Holy Latin Rites.  Let us never become discouraged.  We all need more faith.