Mass of All Ages at Prescott Pines for St. Catherine Catholic School

Yesterday I drove 2 hours to come to Prescott for the 8th Grade retreat for St. Catherine Catholic Grammar school.  Mr. Rogers, the principal is here too.

IMG_0357These students are familiar with the Tridentine Mass because every other Friday they come to the Latin Mass.  Once a month too, they come with the kindergarden for another Latin Mass.  They behave very well.

IMG_0347The 8th grade teacher Teo is giving the retreat on the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises.  Last night a good part of the children went to confession.  Then they watched the movie “For Greater Glory”.  I watched it for a while for a 3rd time, but found it too sad to keep on watching, besides I still had some of my Latin Breviary to finish.  Sad to say some of them went to sleep while watching the movie.  If you have not seen this movie, please do everything possible to see it.imagesDSC_5678.NEF

They played human fuss ball and also climbed a tree and jumped to a trapeze.  I was too chicken to do it.  IMG_0350Mr. Rogers jumped for the trapeze and missed, but they catch you if you miss.  IMG_0381IMG_0377IMG_0372