What Can We Traditional Catholics Do to Share the Truth

The most important way that we can share the Catholic truth is by our example.  People will naturally be attracted to the Truth by our example.  They will notice our love.  They will notice our way of dressing.  They will notice our way of talking.  They will notice our way of praying.  They will notice our generosity and compassion.

IMG_5610_2The next thing we can do is to tell them how we discovered our Catholic faith and our journey to conversion.  We can share with them the strength that our faith gives us in life’s uncertainties and suffering.

Then we can let them know about different places they can do their own research to find the truth for themselves.  Always remember truth stands on its own.  So all you have to do is show them where they can find truth and let truth do its own work.  This can be in books or on the internet.

3880288012_878fec5473_oAbove all, we need to remember we are just God’s instruments and that He has to do the conversion.  So we pray and have faith that God will open their hearts, minds and lives to truth.  Everyday we need to remind ourselves that faith moves mountains.

A picture is worth a million words.  So show a picture of the Holy Latin Mass.  Or show a picture of a well done adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.  Show pictures of old churches.  Show pictures of what is now considered a beautiful modern church.  Let them decide which is more impressive.  Take the time to download and print of beautiful traditional Catholic pictures to share with them.  Or maybe just email them the photo.  Like truth, beauty stands on its own too.  Show them a YouTube of a Latin Mass.

Annunciation_Prado_ca. 1427Spend money if it is necessary.  If having to buy them a Latin Mass Missal, then do it.

Be patient.  You did not get it over night.  Share your love for God and Holy things.  Joy and enthusiasm are contagious.

Let them hear some gregorian chant.  Or some sacred polyphonic singing.  Music has a way of opening hearts too.  Sacred music touches the soul and lifts it out of the sewer of the world.

Messa-in-latinoFinally, invite them to a Holy Latin Missa Cantata or Missa Solemnis. Many people, especially the young, have been totally converted from just attending one Holy Latin Mass.  Try to give as much explanation before they attend.  But sometimes they are too busy, then let the Holy Mass stand on its own beauty too.