Traditional Catholics Find Consolation in Jesus’ Parable of the Wheat and the Weeds

There has always been and will continue to be good and bad Catholics in the Church.  The Parable of Jesus about the wheat and the cockle (weeds) growing together in the Holy Gospel of Matthew clearly states that there will be weeds growing along with the wheat.

S.S. Pío XIf you look up the meaning of CornCockle you find it to be an annual weed with fine hairs (Agrostemma githago) of the pink family with purplish red flowers found in wheat fields.
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 All parts of the plant are poisonous (githagin, agrostemmic acid).

It should be of great consolation to us who love the Catholic Church to read this.   We love the Church so much and see all the horrible things happening in her.  Then the more and more we become educated in how the Church was before and how the Church offered the sacred rites, the more we get depressed.  That is why we need to be reminded by Jesus that He allows the cockle weed to be in the Church right along with the life giving wheat.  That is how it has been from the beginning and will be till the end.  In His parable He is foretelling that there will be heresy, liturgical abuse, bad Bishops, bad priests, bad religious and bad lay people along with good bishops, good priests, good religious and good holy laity.

requiem Mass 2Jesus allows this so that we can be sharped and purified by having to fight against this in His Church.  It also keeps us from becoming complacent and weak.  But it also reminds us to stay faithful to Catholic TRUTH.

Yesterday I spent time speaking with a good Catholic.  At work he is constantly being challenged and attacked for his Catholic faith.  But it also puts some doubts in his mind.

If we were to get rid of all the weeds in the Church today, we may make a big mistake and classify good wheat with the weed.  As Jesus also said, take the beam out of your own eye so as to be able to see the speck in your brother’s eye.  We want to convert these weeds, not burn them.  Yes, scientifically you can not turn CornCockle into wheat.  But with God miracles happen.  Maybe you can remember when you would be classified as CornCockle.  Thank God that you were not plucked out then.  Look where you are now.  Besides each one of us still probably have some weeds growing in our soul too.  Let us pray that God will help us transform our weeds into wheat.

Most of us will be challenged about our faith by the weeds in the Church and out side the Church, we need to remember what to do.  First go to a traditional Catholic priest or well educated lay person and ask for clarification or answers when you do not know the answer.  A great resource too is the New Advent blog that has the whole Catholic Encyclopedia from the 1911 edition.  Go to their blog and click on encyclopedia.  It is all alphabetical and easy to find the information you are seeking or answers to questions you may have about your faith.  It is full of traditional Catholic information.

Resurrection_detail_PASSIGNANOI use the 1911 edition of the Catholic Encyclopedia because in it I find very little, if any, of the modernism heresy.
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 What I mean is that you can trust that it is not the new evolved watered down catholicism.  It is totally straight forward.  It is what the Catholic Church has taught for the last 1980 years.

So let us continue to work for the restoration, purification and renewal of the Catholic Church.  But let us never ever get discouraged because of all the evil we experience in the Church today.  Jesus warned us that it would be like this till the final harvest at the end of time.  The weeds will be burned and the wheat will be gathered into His barn in Heaven.