Please God and No One Else; The Catholic Traditional Way

As we all should know, life is short in terms of eternity.  Upon death, all time stops.  No more calendars or clocks.  No more sunrises and sunsets.  There only exists existence.  That is why when God appeared to Moses He told him His name was Yahweh which means “I am Who am”.  It is “being” forever.

Martyrs For Christ the King in Mexico
Martires de León 2And yet right now we are still in time.  With the financial recession most people are using more and more of their precious life just to survive financially.   That is why it is of utmost importance to have a strict discipline about how much money we spend.  We should only buy the things that we need not those we only would like to have.  Stay out of debt.

Then there is the time spent on the family and all that children entail; school, feeding, sports and religious education.  So we hurry through each day just to be able to get all our work done.   We spend time driving around (especially if you commute), shopping,  studying and at church.

But as we hurry through life, death is also hurrying toward us.  Just try to imagine that as we are living right now, death is approaching closer and closer every instant of our life.  So that is why we need to get our values absolutely in conformity with what God wants while we still have time.  Life goes on, but death goes on too.  God will be our final destination no matter how hard we try to forget or ignore this reality.  And it is all His way after death.

Father Vega who died for Christ the King in Mexico.Padre Vega muertoAs traditional Catholics, we need to be totally dedicated to loving God and our neighbor.  That is why the liturgy is of utmost importance.  In the traditional Latin Rites, God is given His proper respect and honor.  Every speck of “Jesus made flesh” in the Holy Communion is protected from falling on the ground and being trampled on.  People humbly kneel before God to receive Him.  There is sacred silence.  There is adoration.

The anthropomorphic orientation in how the New Mass is usually celebrated is not pleasing to God.  The theocentric orientation of the “Mass of All Ages” pleases God.  We spend all week doing everything that pleases us.   Can we not at least give God one hour of our time to what is pleasing to Him?

The devil loves that we miss the mark by combining love for God with love for ourselves in prayer and liturgy.  It is good we love God, but we should not be doing it while at the same time loving our own preferences of worship of God.

Christ the KingThe devil also loves that there are very few exorcisms in the liturgies since they have been changed.  Who but the devil wants to get rid of exorcisms?  Jesus was constantly doing exorcisms.  Jesus loves exorcisms because they set us free from the devil to be able to serve Him.  The devil makes us his slaves.  Jesus makes us His friends.

So while we still have some life time left, let us decide to only pray the way that pleases God.  And be sure in no way we are praying in the way that pleases only ourselves.  We still have time, while we are still here, to get it right.

Yes, for believing this way, you will be condemned by people.  But better to be condemned by people in this life than to be condemned by God for eternity.  We only have one chance, we better get it right while we still have that chance.

You do not have to believe me.  Do the hard work yourself and compare the new rites with the old rites of the Catholic Church.  Thank God all you have to do is google or look on YouTube.  Take some of your precious life and time to do the most important thing you can do, find out what pleased God.  Then start doing it.  Check our the comparison of the Novus Ordo with the Vetus Ordo.  Check out the New Baptism with the Old Baptism.  Check out the blessing of water before and after the changes.  Keep on learning.

We love God, therefore we want to pray and act the way He wants.  Love makes it easy to say no to my selfish desires and the yes to do what pleases God (even if it is a great sacrifice).