More Catholic Scientific Evidence of Purgatory

Here is some more photos from the Small Purgatory Museum and their explanations.  Fr. Victor Jouet, with the support of Saint Pope Pius X, started this museum to help people have devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and from this devotion, help the souls in Purgatory.

Here is a picture of the Church of the Sacred Heart of Sufferage in Rome Italy.E048_Museum

On November 1, 1731, the deceased Abbot Panzini (Benedictine Olivetan Order in Mantua Italy) appeared to Mother Isabella Fomari (Poor Clare nun in Todi) as she sat at her work desk. He explained to her that he was suffering in Purgatory.  He then placed his burning hand on the work desk and left his hand mark.  Then he burned a cross on it with his finger.  He also touched the sleeve of her habit.  This burned all the way to her flesh and caused her to bleed on her arm.  Her habit and the blood are not in the museum, but a piece of the wood from her work table is.E049_tabletop

Mother Isabella then gave a detailed account to Fr. Isidoro Gazata.  He let the diocese do a thorough theological investigation which determined that this burned handprint was of a supernatural origin.

On June 5th. 1894, the deceased Sister Maria of Saint Louis Gonzaga, appeared to Sister Margherita and told her she was suffering in Purgatory.

Although Sister Maria was a pious nun, when she was sick with tuberculosis, she became depressed and prayed that she might die soon to end her suffering.  A few days later she died a holy death.

When Sister Maria appeared, she was dressed in her Poor Clare habit and surrounded in a hazy atmosphere.  She told Sister Margherita that she was in Purgatory to make up for her lack of patience in her illness and asking to die rather than accepting God’s will in her life.  She asked for prayers.

As proof of her appearance and of her suffering, she touch Sister Margherita’s pillow with her forefinger which left a burnt hole in it.  She again appeared two times to thank Sister for her prayers and to let her know she was soon to be released from Purgatory.  She also gave some spiritual advice for the Poor Clare Nuns in her community.
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On March 5, 1871 Palmira Rastelli appeared to her friend Maria Zaganti to ask her to have her priest brother, Fr. Sante Rastelli to have masses said for her.  She had already been dead for a little over 3 months and was suffering in Purgatory.  Palmira put her fingers on Maria’s prayer book and left three burnt finger marks.  E049_Prayerbook

St. Catherine of Genoa talks about Purgatory and says that there is suffering in flames, but at the same time there is a deepening love of God and a consolation that eventually the Holy Souls will be in Heaven.  Let us pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory.  They will never ever forget our prayers for them.  We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and know about Indugences and prayers for the Holy Souls suffering in Purgatory.  If we help them, there will be someone to help us after we die.
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