Traditional God, Purgatory and Heaven

In this month of November when we remember those who have died, we also meditate on why we pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory.
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 Purgatory is the place where every spiritual defect is corrected.  It is also where we pay for all the bad actions confessed, but not made up for while living here in this world.

Rubens Workshop_S. Teresa of Avila interceding for souls in Purgatory_Met_1630-33So why do we need Purgatory to purify us?  It is a simple as this.  God is God.  God is perfect.  God is perfect Love.  God is Pure.

So this heresy of today, that everyone goes directly to heaven, is totally erroneous.  How can anyone of us, who is not totally pure, not total love, not totally self giving, have the gaul to think we can just arrive in heaven and have perfect union with perfect God.   Yes, here we call the shots, but after death, God calls the shots.  How horrifying it will be to find out after death, that what we believed to be so great about ourselves, is actually extremely despised by God.  And this will especially apply to our own personality and belief system.

Here are a few suggestions on how to prepare for death and heaven:

1) Be extremely humble when it comes to you own estimation of your perfection.

2) Honestly admit you are not perfect.

3) Be aware of your own lack of charity toward God and others.

4) Meditate on Who God really is (Great, All Powerful and All Love).

5) Start to ask God to purify you right now through the Cross.

6) Go to Holy Mass as often as you can to begin to adore God right now in this life.

7) Make a contrite confession every month.

8) Do a humble general confession of all the sins of your life with great sorrow.

9) Meditate on the flames of Purgatory to help you make amends here in this life.

10) Practice acts of charity everyday by the Grace of the Holy Communion you receive.