All Souls Requiem Mass at St. Catherine of Siena Phoenix, Az.

If you go to Rome, you can visit the Piccolo Museo del Purgatorio.  Google it and look at some more of the very interesting pictures.  E048_Imitation-1E048_nightshirtPeople have come back from purgatory to burn their hand prints into prayer books, and clothing.  Talk about proof of the fire of purgatory.  Yet most people do nothing for the souls of our loved ones suffering there.

IMG_0316So today we had a Holy Latin Requiem Mass for All Souls through out the whole world.  It is so important to pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory.  When you do, you have friends forever in heaven.  The souls you pray for will never forget you kind deed.  Remember they are burning in purifying fire and need prayers, especially the Holy Mass. 
IMG_0337Offering prayers and actions which gain a plenary indulgence is of great help for yourself and the souls in purgatory.

When St. Monica was dying, she asked her son St. Augustine to remember her at the Holy Altar.  What she meant was to pray for her soul after her death.  St. Augustine writes about the need of prayer for the deceased in his book on the Care of the Deceased in Chapter 4.

“..,yet should there be no pretermitting of supplications for the spirits of the dead: which supplications, that would be made for all in Christian and Catholic fellowship departed, even without mentioning of their names, under a general commemoration, the Church has charged herself withal; to the intent that they which lack, for these offices, parents or sons or whatever kindred or friends, may have the same afford unto them by the one pious Mother (the Church) which is common to all.  But if there were lack of these supplications, which are made with right faith and piety for the dead, I account that it should not a whit profit their spirits, howsoever in holy places the lifeless bodies should be deposited.”

St. Catherine of Genova is one of the greatest saints who tells all about purgatory.  But all the saints either talked about purgatory or saw visions of souls from purgatory.

The Council of Trent again declared the reality of Purgatory and the need to help those souls who are there.  “The bishops shall see to it that the suffrages of the living, that is, the sacrifice of the mass, prayers, alms and other works of piety which they have been accustomed to perform for the faithful departed, be piously and devoutly discharged in accordance with the laws of the Church, and that what ever is due on their behalf from testamentary bequest or other ways, be discharged by the priest and ministers of the Church and others who are bound to render this service not in a perfunctory manner, but diligently and accurately.