We Adore and Please God by Offering “The Mass of All Ages”

God so appreciates the humble Catholics who adore Him and obey Him in every aspect of their lives.  God knows everything and knows exactly how difficult it is to humbly adore, please, love and obey Him, rather than the constant self adulation and pleasing of oneself.

IMG_0241“Thou shalt not adore them, nor serve them (False gods): I am the Lord thy God, mighty, jealous, visiting iniquity of the fathers upon the children, unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me:  And showing mercy unto thousands to them that love me, and keep my commandments.”  Exodus 20:5-6

The Ten Commandments start right out with what is our duty to God: love, adoration and respect.  If we get that right, then we will obey Him when it comes to our family, friends, neighbors and the poor.  So that is why it is so important to put God first in our lives.

In the “Mass of All Ages”, (the Tridentine Latin Mass), God was given the adoration and respect that He deserves.  This is still the case where, in the very few places of the world, this Holy Mass is still offered today.

Let us make a scientific comparison with how the Holy Latin Mass is offered, compared with the New Mass.  If you love God, I beg you to just humbly read this list and open your heart to see which is more pleasing to God.  I know this will be hard because it will go against our ideas and likes which I call, self adoration.  I know that some Catholics still want to love and adore God.

misseLet us look at the empirical evidence.

We see this in the way the priest is placed in the Holy Mass.  In the Latin mass he faces God to adore Him at the altar when offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  In the New Mass he faces the people with Jesus in the tabernacle behind him.

In the Latin Mass the priest speaks his prayers to God in Latin because it is the language set apart for the sacred action of the Mass.  In the New Mass the priest speaks to God in the common language of the people and they respond to the priest.

We can see that before, God was held in a very high position by the Church and society by splendor of the old churches and the high steeples that showed that God was above all things made by man.  The towns were built around the church being placed in the center of town.  If you go to Europe, Mexico, Central and South America, you see how the Church use to see God.  They were also full of great art and statues to remind us of the heavenly glory promised to us in Baptism.   The new churches are like hotel lobbies and are often built like theaters built in the round for a show.  You have a very hard time finding new churches because they look like any other business building (other than the cross on them).322px-Church_Saint_Ouen+As you walk into the old churches the altar is place way up high because the Latin Mass was addressed to God and was to draw mankind up to God.  The marble altars were intricate art masterpieces which would cost millions to replace today because the Sacrifice of Jesus takes place there.  In a new church you find a wooden table (like found in protestant churches for the commemoration of the Last Supper) and it can sometimes even be below the level of the people.

We see in the Latin Mass churches the tabernacle is placed  in the center to show respect to where God resides in the Holy Host.  If the tabernacle is in the church, it is some where to the side.  The presiders chair is put in the center to show mans high position and God is put to the side.

We see at the Latin Mass the gold and silver chalices, patens, and ciboriums that will be used because they hold the Real Body and Blood of Jesus.  In the New Mass, glass, pewter, brass, gold plated things are used.  Things that are used in any house hold meal.

We see the importance of the priesthood at the Sacrifice by the quality of the vestments the priest uses and the prayers he says as he vests for the Holy Mass.  They are so beautiful and dignified for giving service to God.  The new vestments are cheap looking and at times showy in the wild colors that are used.

1111martin mass3Before there was a strict restriction of lay people walking around in the sanctuary (the Holy of Holies).  The altar rail was put to mark out the sacred space with a altar rail gate to keep people out.  In the new churches everyone walks all over the area.

The altar rail was an extension of the altar where people humbly knelt to receive Jesus in Holy Communion.  In the new churches there are no altar rails and people process up to receive Jesus standing up.

In the Latin Mass there are many genuflections and signs of the cross.  In the new mass there are very few genuflections and signs of the cross.  Most people do not genuflect, but might give a bow to the altar sometimes.

Before there was silence before and after the Holy Mass to show respect to the real presence of God in the tabernacle.  Now people talk before, after mass and during mass too.  They even talk on their Cell phones and text during mass.

You can see the respect for God in the way the people dress at the Latin mass.  We see it in the way women humbly cover their heads with veils.  We also see it in the modest and formal clothing at the Latin Mass because the people know that they are going to be in the presence of God, so they dress their best.  We still have the saying left over from this belief, “wear your Sunday best”.  In the new mass you have so many women dressed very immodest, men in shorts and most in their everyday clothing.  But when it comes to a rich persons wedding, they are dressed to the hilt.

In the Latin Mass the priest has to take care of every speck of the Holy Host and of every drop of the Precious Blood.  He scrapes the corporal to see if there might be a speck of the Holy Host.  He holds the two fingers that touch the Holy Host together till they have been purified by wine first and then wine and water.  He purifies the chalice with wine first and then wine and water.  He only drinks the Precious Blood from one side of the chalice which is marked by a cross and drinks the purifying wine and water at the same spot.  In the new mass, the priest does not keep the fingers together.  He only purifies with water.

So we want to prepare for heaven where we will know and adore God forever.  The Latin Mass has been properly labeled “The Most Beautiful Things This Side Of Heaven”.  So I ask all of you who read this to go to the Latin Mass and see for your self.  You can also google the ruberics of the Latin Mass and the New Mass and see for yourself.

Adoration_of_the_Trinity_D_RER_Albrecht 2The question is, do you really want to please, love and adore God in the best way possible?  This is why I love the Latin Mass and want all Catholics to return to what is more pleasing and respectful to God.  Simply because I know who God is and I love Him and want to respect Him.