Semi Traditional Catholic Policeman Who Now Shares His Faith With Criminals

I was awakened this morning at 5:25 am with two loud gun shots.  In this part of Phoenix it is common to hear gun shots.  No one can fool me by telling me the world is getting better.

Duccio_Crevole_Madonna_1283-4Anyway, when I went over to open of the church for Holy Mass at 5:45 am, a police car was  in the parking lot.  I went over to him to ask him what the gun shots were about.  He didn’t know.

I had met Dan before.  He works the night shift here in South Phoenix.  Every evening he begins his shift by praying in front of the church sitting in his police car.
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 He ends his shift by again praying in morning before going home.

So this morning we began talking more and he showed me three books he is reading when there is time.  One was on Padre Pio, the other was “The Imitation of Christ”, and the third was on The New Evangelization (This concept of new evangelization I do not get, lets just keep on sharing the same Gospel of Jesus as the Apostles did, nothing new about that).

alter_christus_cb_Chambers_thumbAnyway he told me he’s been converting more and more and his wife is now in RCIA to become a Catholic.  I told him about Christ the KIng and obeying him 100% (even not using birth control).
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 He told me where he goes to church it is all young people and not like where most churches he had attended before, that were mostly old people.

But what he was most pleased with his conversion was how he now interacts with the criminals he arrests.  He treats them with love and respect.  He told me he never expected that he would be telling them about Jesus and to be good Catholics.  Many of them, he said, have tattoos of a rosary or Jesus but are doing terrible crimes.  It is really working, caring about their souls.

I told him about the Holy Latin Mass and he said he is studying about Latin and the Mass.  So you never know what will happen at 5:45 am out in the church parking.

Amodeo xxxivEvery morning there are two ladies waiting for me to open the church.  I had let them in, but had not turned the lights on.  They finally came out to check if I was ok because I had not returned and after they also had heard the gun shots.  They were happy to see me safe with a police man.

We do not agree with what criminals are doing, but be can look on them with pity as we try to save their souls with love and prayer.