Traditional Holy Rosary and Kindness

Tonight I was walking back from Church in the dark on the large city street to the rectory.  As I walk, I usually pray the Holy Rosary, because I want to get all my 3 Holy Rosaries done.  I noticed two old ladies walking ahead of me.  One was pulling a shopping cart and had a ballon in her hand.  Since there are a lot of homeless people here, I supposed they were homeless and someone had given them a balloon.

13597041I crossed the street and caught up with them.  To my surprise they called out to me; “Father: good to see you praying the Rosary, can you give us a birthday blessing.”  The daughter told me that today was her birthday and tomorrow her mother’s.  They were so kind.  I blessed them and told them about the Holy Latin Mass tomorrow where her mother could come for a blessing on her birthday.

Our Lady of GuadalupeThey told me they had stopped by the Statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe and prayed and were now on their way home.  It still gives me joy thinking of their kindness and faith.  As we departed, the daughter told me to keep praying the Holy Rosary as I go on the journey.

A priest praying the Holy Rosary +  kind old ladies praying to Our Lady =  Joy