Traditional Catholic Sacrifice of the Holy Latin Mass on Halloween Night

Yes, everyone loves “trick or treat”, candy, parties and costumes.  But just because we like something does not mean it is right or we can do it.

pumpkin rosaryOne year I was in Mexico for halloween.  I saw so many mothers holding the hands of their children as the walked to them school.  All the children were dressed up as little devils in red suites and horns.  It was so sad to see Catholic mothers dressing their kids up as satan.  I do not think they want their kids to be little devils at home causing all sorts of trouble.  Who wants a devil for a child?

That night, in the property next to my parents house, there was a satanic gathering with a huge bonfire.  All night long they screamed satanic incantations.  It was the worst night I ever spent in my life, having to hear this over and over all night long.  Finally it started to calm down around 5 am and finally was silent when the church bells rang at 6 am and light began to appear.  Remember satanist are of the dark not the day.

Halloween is the night of satanic sacrifices and witch spells.  I know this for a fact from hearing it from a wiccan’s mouth.  Eight years ago, I was on retreat with all the priest from my diocese at San Damiano Retreat house in Danville California.  I was praying before the Blessed Sacrament in their chapel when a group of people came in.  I knew it would not be good because earlier I had seen them dancing around the peace pole.  It was an ecumenical group (with a catholic Franciscan priest whom I know personally).  That year their motto was “opening the circle”.  To my horror as I knelt praying, the witch began a guided meditation.  I remember very well when she said; “On Halloween we witches burn away the old and begin all things new.”  I reported this to our bishop and the staff at the retreat center.  I should have stopped them and kicked them out of the chapel, but I am a coward and will pay for it after I die.  I also reported it to the Bishop of Oakland.

What do you see when driving around neighborhoods before Halloween?  Spiders, ghost, witches, skeletons and tombstones.  People have me bless their houses to get rid of devils and then they decorate their houses for him to come back, “just out of fun”.

“Trick or Treat” is fun.  Dressing up in costumes is fun.  Parties are fun.  But does it please Christ the King?  NO NO NO.  It only pleases the prince of darkness.

IMG_0203In the public park here in South Phoenix, where we went for the Altar boy hike, I ran into a “Meat Market” for Halloween.  It has human body parts plastered all over the front, ground human meat in the tray and a baby about to be ground up like they do at abortions.  “But it is just make believe.”  “Come on Father, chill out!  Cut some slack, we’re just having fun.”

And then we wonder why young students are killing their teachers and parents.  Why police are killing kids and kids killing police.  And does anyone even think about the meat market of the abortion mills?

Way ahead of Halloween, I start telling the people at Holy Mass, at Catechism, at the Catholic school and parents meeting that Halloween is not good and is getting worse every year (along with satan’s influence growing every year).  I tell them they can have a party with saint’s costumes and tons of candy to rot their teeth and get them hyper.  Of course, as usual, I am not popular because I do not go along with satanic fun.

60 years ago, my parents would not let us go “trick or treating”.  They got it way back then when it was still relatively innocent.

All you priest reading this blog should offer The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass on Halloween night to fight the satanic sacrifices and witch spells being cast.  The Latin Mass has so much power over satanic activity.  That is why I love it and the latin exorcism prayer.  It has so much power over evil and brings so much healing, health and Love.

I will, as usual offer Holy Mass at 8 pm on Halloween.  Praise be Jesus Christ our King.