Hymn to Christ the King “Te Saeculorum Principem”

God Almighty from the Ghent Altarpiece_EYCK, Jan vanTe Saeculorum Principem

The wicked mob screams out. “We don’t want Christ as King.”  While we, with shouts of joy, hail Thee as the world’s supreme King.
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May the rulers of the world publicly honor and extol Thee: May teachers and judges reverence Thee; May the laws express Thine order and the arts reflect Thy beauty.

May kings find renown in the submission and dedication to Thee.  Bring under Thy gentle rule our country and our homes.
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Glory be to Thee, Jesus, supreme over All secular authorities: And glory be to the Father and the loving Spirit through endless ages.

To Thee, Who by right claim rule over all men,  We willing submit ourselves;                       to be subject to Thy laws Means happiness for a state and its peoples.

Glory be to Thee, Jesus Supreme over all secular authorities; And glory be to the FAther and the Loving Spirit through endless ages.

Christ triumphantly unfurls His Glorious banners everywhere; Come nations of the world, and On bended knee acclaim the King of Kings.

How great is the happiness of the country that rightly owns the rule of Christ and Zealously carries out the commands God gave to men.

The plighted word keeps marriage unbroken, the children grow up with virtue intact and Homes where purity is found Abound also in the other virtues of home life.

Beloved King, may the light from Thee that we desire, shine on us in all glory; May the world receive the gift of peace, Be subject to Thee and adore Thee.