St. Anthony Mary Claret

St Anthony Mary Claret was born in Barcelona Spain in 1807.  He used his life to the max to serve God and his neighbor, especially the poor.
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 He formed religious orders, hospitals and schools.  But what I really love about him was his power against the devil.   One time when he was preaching to a huge crowd, he told them there were many demons around them.  He showed them and the sky became full of lightning and thunder just over the group he was preaching to.

the-all-seeing-eyeThe masons and secularist constantly persecuted him and spread false lies about him.  Fifteen times there were attempts on his life.
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 One of those left a large scare on his cheek where the assassins knife laid his face open.

He was appointed Archbishop of Santiago Cuba.  After trying very hard to convert the people he left and on the boat out shook the dust off his shoes and cursed the island.  You can still see the effect of that curse as the Communist took over with Castro as comandante.  This is where Che Guevara was trained to go and start evil revolutions all over the world.

St Antonio Maria ClaretSt Anthony did 9000 marriage validation, Confirmed 300,000, wrote and preached 25,000 sermons and wrote 144 books.

He was appointed confessor of Queen Isabella II of Spain.  But when the 1868 Spanish Revolution took place he was displaced.

St-Anthony-Mary-ClaretHe was a man of culture and promoted learning about the things of God, science and music. He distributed good books, opened one of Spain’s greatest libraries, had a natural history museum, scientific laboratory and college.  He started the Claretians and a woman’s teaching order Sisters of Mary Immaculate for the education of girls.

He was at the Vatican Council I and supported the Infallibility of the Pope when speaking ex cathedra.  He had great success in spreading devotion to the Blessed Sacrament, Immaculate Heart of Mary and her Holy Rosary.

st-anthony-claretFinally he died in exile in France in 1870.

May we use our time well and fight the good fight no matter how much we are persecute, told lies about and even threatened with death.  St Anthony Mary pray for us.