Traditional Catholic House Blessings and Family Conversions

For 99 cents you can get the BrevMeum app. As far as I know the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate put this app together.  I use it everyday and am so thankful to them for making this available to me and other traditional priests.

IMG_9205So I used it this morning when I went to bless a house.  The situation was that a young mother called the office about having a terrible satanic dream and other strange things happening.  She also suffers from anxiety attacks.

I now begin my house blessings by first asking what brought on the satanic manifestation.  I also ask how the people who live in the house practice their Catholic faith and if any evil went on before or is going on that they know of.   And I ask if the couple are married in the Catholic Church and going to Holy Mass.

The young mother was there with her 4 year old daughter.  She was dress somewhat immodestly but with a nice Holy Rosary around her neck.  I treated her with charity and respect.  As it turned out, she is living with her boyfriend and does not regularly attend church.  Also her brother, who is not a good christian, lives with them too.

scoeur7As I listened to her, she was so humble and open to every suggestion I had for her and her family to get closer to God and His Church.  I started by asking her if she or her boyfriend had been married before.  She said no and that she had already ordered her baptismal papers to try to get married in the Church.  I told them they need to live as brother and sister and she said they already started this a month ago because she wants so badly to obey God now.  I told her that as they get close to having all the things in order to get married they could go to confession as long as they are chaste and let people know so there will be no scandal.

I asked if their two kids were in Catechism.  She said that when she tried to get them in, the enrollment was already closed.  So I told her that I will see if they can sit in on the classes to learn, even though this year will not count.  And she agreed that learning the Catholic faith is so much more important than rushing to get the sacraments.

I asked about her brother and actually told her she should not have him living in their house if he is not going to be a good Catholic because he can bring evil into their family by his immoral life.  Say (I do not know) that he is looking at pornography, this brings demons into the home where he is living.  She said she is helping him out to have a place to live.  I said; help him out spiritually as well or have him move out.  She agreed.

It is of utmost importance to not have people gravely sinning (mortal sins) in our houses.  That would be like letting friends who are not married in the Church to come and stay for a visit and sleeping together, or using drugs, or getting drunk or doing any mortal sin.  We need to keep our family protected from evil.

My next advice was for her and her boyfriend to bring their children everyday to the Holy Latin Mass.  I wrote down the daily Latin Mass schedule on a paper for her.

For any of you who are having satanic attacks, suffer from depression, anxiety attacks or any other serious problem, the Holy Latin Mass has so much power against satan.  The devil hates the latin language and flees from where ever it is prayed.  Remember that Catholic Latin (as opposed to classical latin) is reserved only for holy things and is the sacred language dedicated only to God.  That is why the devil hates it.

Last Judgment_detail_the Blessed_MEMLING, HansThis young woman also told me she sees the world getting eviler and eviler every day.  I agreed with her and told her that is why we have God and our church family to stick together with.

It was such a joy to be able to help her and bless her family’s home.  But it is not just about blessing a home, but bring the power and love of Jesus to them and letting Him free them from the snares of the devil through Holy Blessings and the Sacraments.  Don’t forget to always wear your scapular and exorcised St. Benedict’s medal.

The BrevMeum app not only has the whole Breviary (Latin Office or know in the Novus Ordo Church as Liturgy of the Hours), it also has many traditional prayers and blessings in Latin.  For all of you priests who go out and bless houses or the St. Benedict’s medal, this is such a helpful aid.  You just click on the icon.  Here is a list of the blessings it contains:

Benedictio ad omnia  (Blessing for everything)

Benedictio aquae  (Blessing of water)

Benedictio candelarum  (Blessing of candles)

Benedictio comestibilis  (Blessing of food)

Benedictio crucis  (Blessing of a cross)

Benedictio domorum Sabbato Sancto et Tempore paschali  (Blessing a home Easter time)

Benedictio domorum extra Tempus Paschale  (Blessing a home outside of Easter time)

Benedictio domus  (Blessing a home)

Benedictio imaginis  (Blessing of pictures)

Benedictio loci vel domus  (Blessing of a place of a home)

Benedictio numismatis B. Mariae V. Immaculatae  (Blessing Miraculous Medal)

Benedictio mumismatis Scapulare S. B. V.  De Monte Carmelo (Blessing of Scapular)

Benedictio vehiculi  (Blessing a vehicle)

Also contained is De Sacramento Paenitentiae  (Tradiitional absolution of confession) and the short form of Holy Baptism.

You can also find all these blessings on the computer at: <>