One Catholic Traditional Soul at a Time

We traditional Catholics must always keep our eyes fixed on heaven while we put our hands to the difficult task here on earth.  As you know I want to start the Order of St. Pius V to spread the “Treasure of the Latin Rite’s” all over the world.  But for right now that is not happening.  But what is happening is that I am able to help many many Catholics discover traditional Catholicism here in a mostly Hispanic parish and school.

photo 1Last Thursday I taught 90 minute periods to the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades here at St. Catherine School.  I read to the 6th and 7th grade kids St. Anthony Mary Claret’s “The Pains of Hell”.  Then we had time for questions and answers. After that I played soccer with the boys while a traditional friend played Volley Ball with the girls.  All three grades went with me to pray before the Blessed Sacrament.

Then I had 8th grade.  I did not read to them about St. Anthony Claret’s description of hell, but we talked about paranormal activity and exorcisms.  I was so pleased with how well they participated and behaved.  After adoration, a young man in the class asked to speak to me alone.  So we went out into the school courtyard.  He told me how he use to be a good Catholic, but last year he had lost his faith.  His mother had to literally force him to go to Holy Mass.  Then he told me since I have been visiting the 8th grade this year, everything I say causes something in his heart to feel God’s presence and to believe in the Church again.   He didn’t want to talk about this in the class, because he did not want them to know that he had lost his faith.

He knelt down right there in the court yard and made an excellent confession.  Please pray for him and all the youth that are loosing their faith.  This experience really encouraged me.  I may not be doing exactly what I feel God wants me to do as a Latin Mass missionary, but it sure is encouraging to know that the youth are converting.

IMG_0133Two other mothers have come up to tell me how their sons in the school are really listening and telling them every word I tell to their classes or at Holy Mass.  One is in 7th grade and wanted to know what he could do to mortify himself.  I told him to do all his ordinary things well, like obeying his parents and teachers and doing chores and homework well.  The other boy is in 2nd grade and is excellent at sports.  Other boys have come up to me to tell me they are going to be priest.

I try to go on a regular basis and visit most of the classes.  I enjoy 1st grade.  They have a scale with clothes pins with each kids name on it.  You can be at the bottom because of bad behavior, or the top for excellent behavior, or you can be anywhere in between.  They love telling me when they get up top.  Most of them are always in the middle.

IMG_0131I led the Holy Rosary for the whole school and their parents last week.  On last friday I led the Holy Hour for kids for the Reparation of the Sacred Heart for all the school and teachers.  They actually like the way it is done, except they said its too much kneeling.

Every other week I say the Latin Mass for them and they behave so well, and I tell them so. Once a week a different class comes for daily Latin Mass too.

Then I play soccer and basket ball with the altar boys on Saturday or Sunday evenings.  It is my once a week aerobic exercise that I need.  Once a month I teach the Novus Ordo altar boys a spiritual lesson and lead the Latin Mass altar boys in the Holy Hour of Reparation to the Sacred Heart.

Every Wednesday and Saturday I say the Latin Mass for the parents and kids in Catechism before classes (2 hours).  Then I visit all the classrooms and spend time with the parents in their classes (2 hours too).  I encourage them and we all pray for each other in our difficulties.

This boy wants so badly to become a priest.
IMG_0171Thursday evenings I say the Latin Mass for the couples who are together but not married in the Church.  Then I stay with them too for their weekly 2 1/2 hour class (for 9 months).

On Sunday they have youth RCIA.  The teacher uses the St. Thomas Aquinas theology to explain to them the existence of God and the Churches teachings.  They are doing very well.  When I visit, again the youth really appreciate it.

Another young man came up to me at the bazaar to ask about the difference between being born again and a Catholic.  I quickly explained it to him and invited him to the Latin Mass.  Since that Saturday he has been coming to the Latin Masses, different classes and the addicts meeting.  He went to confession last week and is now receiving Holy Communion again.  He has to drive a very long distance to come here.

Saturday night I had another Holy Hour of Reparation to the Sacred Heart for all the Latin Mass fathers.

So what I want to say is that, maybe we are not converting all the world (that we so sadly see degenerating spiritually before our very eyes), but one on one we can have a great effect.

All the teachers in the adult and children catechism programs are Latin Mass goers.  Where would this parish be without them?  So, you are very important and there are conversions happening.  See what you can do to help share your traditional Catholic faith right where you are.

photoIt takes great love of our Holy Catholic Faith and great love for those we work with.  We have to genuinely love the people we are trying to save.  Yes, I say the truth, but I also am deeply concerned about the happiness and health of everyone I am working with.  I want to be there for them in all their trials and difficulties.

Finally I want all these people to know they have another home: their Father’s Home here at the parish.  I want them to know that they are welcome and cared for.  So I invite them to daily Latin Mass, any class or other activity that is going on.  You would be very surprised how in the over busy world, people are still hungry for loving Catholic fellowship.
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We have our own home and Our Father’s Home, the Church.  Remember that Jesus called the Temple in Jerusalem “my Father’s House” when He drove out the money changers.  We are so rich as traditional Catholics and love to be at home in Our Father’s House.