Not at All Traditional Polish Lech Walesa New 10 Commandments

Nobel Peace Laureate Polish Lech Walesa proposed a new secular 10 Commandments that has common values for all religion to build the world of tomorrow on.  First off that “sounds” like a good idea.  It would give some guide lines on what is good and bad that someone may pay attention to.

lech-walesa-demonstrating-submission-to-pope-john-paul-iiBut the reality is that there is no moral values that all religions have in common except maybe Commandment # 1 “Do not kill me” and Commandment # 2 “Do not take what belongs to me“.  There may be another romantic idea like Commandment # 3 Let us all live in peace.

Lech Walesa was a hero to me when he stood up with his Catholic faith against the Russian Giant.  In a peaceful way people like him, with the support of the Catholic Church and Pope John Paul II, brought down the Berlin wall and Russian communism.  Their solidarity was based on their Catholic faith.

Now he is proposing a man made secular 10 commandments and thinking that will solve the world’s problems.
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 Again that is just what the devil wants so he can have his one world religion that everyone agrees on and which he can rule.  In order to have such a religion it would take everyone agreeing, and that would only be done by agreeing on the lowest common denominator “everything is alright as long as it is between consenting adults”.

Do you think these new secular commandments might have anything to do with the # 1 Commandment being to believing in and obeying Jesus Christ and His Holy Catholic Church?  Or could it include a commandment that one man and one woman get married in the Catholic Church for their whole life, without divorce?  Or could they have something to do with that every time these couples have relationships they have children, as many as God wants them to have.  Or could one be not to look at pornography?

lech_walesaAs a Catholic, Lech Walesa should already know that we have the 10 Commandments God wrote, and the summary of these Commandments that Jesus taught is about in Loving God and neighbor.  If we christians can not obey these Commandments, what makes him think that the whole world will obey a new secular 10 commandments that will bring us into some sort of Shangri-La.  “Unless the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it.” Psalm 126 :1

We are so blessed to be part of God’s Kingdom.  We need to pray, obey and live all the Commandments of God especially trying to love God.  It would be nice if we could love each other a little bit more too.  Oh, and what about the hardest commandment of loving our enemies?