Traditional Hansel and Gretel and Halloween

As traditional Catholics we want to have nothing at all to do with the pagan and satanic Halloween.  With all the emphasis put on witches, I was reminded of the good christian tale of “Hansel and Gretel”.

R UMAX     PL-II            V1.4Hansel and Gretel lived with their father (a forester) and their wicked stepmother.  Their father got hurt and they ran out of food.  So the stepmother talked their father into abandoning them deep in the forest so that they would not be in the house to eat the little food left.  The first time, Hansel leaves a trail of pebbles that shine in the night and they find their way home.  But the stepmother again leads them deeper into the forest to be left to die.  This time Hansel drops crumbs from the small piece of bread that he was given.  In the night, when they headed home, they discovered the birds had eaten all the crumbs and they were hungry and lost.

This is when they ran across a ginger bread house made out of cookies and sugar.  They began satisfying their terrible hunger by eating parts of it.  Then they hear some one say; “nibble, nibble, gnaw, who is nibbling at my house.”  An old lady comes out and invites them in.  She gives them milk and pancakes with sugar, apples and nuts.  Then she puts them to bed with clean linens.
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In the morning she shows herself as she really is, a witch who created the gingerbread house to catch children whom she would kill and eat.  She locks Hansel up in the barn to fatten up for the meal and forces Gretel to work for her.  All she gives Gretel to eat is crab shells.  In desperation Gretel prays: “Dear God, do help us.”  The witch says that it will not work to pray.

R UMAX     PL-II            V1.4On the day the witch decides to eat them, she tells Gretel to check if the oven is hot enough to cook the bread.  Gretel catches on that she will shove her in the oven so she asks the witch how to get into the oven.
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When the witch shows her, Gretel kicks her into the oven and locks the iron door.  The story says that the “godless” witch was burnt to death.

In the witches house they discover many jewels and pearls which they put in their pockets and apron.  As they try to reach home, they run across a large body of water.   So they ask a kind duck to give them a ride.  When they finally arrive home they find their dad who had been sad everyday they had been gone.  The evil stepmother had died and they had plenty to live on from the jewels and pearls and lived happily ever after.

This reminds me of how the devil and evil people lure children into their evil decorated houses to nibble nibble on candy and fun.  These children enjoy it and go back for it year after year until they are lured into thinking witches, devils and ghosts are fun.  Then the devil prepares his meal on their souls as they open up their lives to the dark side.

latinSo we need to not let the lure of fun and candy cause us to go out to decorated houses and be slowly caught in the snare of liking evil and seeing it as fun.

We are only safe in Our Father’s House as traditional Catholics.  We are full of the “Bread come down from Heaven”.  God gives us family and friends to enjoy.  Let us sacrifice the worldly pleasure of trick and treating and go to God’s House instead.