Render Unto Cesar What is Cesar’s and God What is God’s

We are made in the image of God and therefore we belong to God.  The coin Jesus asks about has the image of Cesar.  We are not made in the image of Cesar.  So we need to render our whole self and all we own to God.

George_'s Battle with the Dragon_VITALE DA BOLOGNAAs our government turns more and more against God and His commandments, we have to do what we can to distant ourselves from being perverted by it.  As it becomes more and more “beastly” we need to have more and more caution that we do not fall under the spell of the beast.  I am not saying we are at the level of the anti-christ and receiving the mark of the beast.  And that was written when Nero was the emperor god of the Roman Empire.  But we do need to be on guard as things become speedily anti God and anti Catholicism.

In a comment on this blog, someone wrote about Ethiopian christian women and monks  tattooing themselves with a cross on their forehead and right hands so that they will not take the mark of the beast.  The Copts also tattoo a cross on their children so that they will not be kidnapped by the muslims.

The US military and Pentagon are presently showing military personnel that Catholics and Evangelical christians on the “extremist” list with al-Qaida.
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660-Starnes-AFA-briefingPicture taken from Fox News.  Just recently the American Family Association that is connected to Family Research Council was shown to the military as being a domestic hate group.  Some military members protested and it seems to be that this group was taken off the list (for now).

As the Psalm goes: “Our help is in the name of the Lord who made heaven and earth.”  Pretty powerful God.  Let us remember who we are to be render to; the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.
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 He created us and a redeemed us so we owe everything to Him.