Traditional Catholic Men and Women # 12

In a world that believes seeking sensual pleasure is the meaning of life, a man or a woman who chooses virtue and sexual purity will be shunned.  Family and friends will attempt to lure them into the cesspool that most are swimming in.  A holy man or woman is a sign of contradiction and reproach to their never ending pursuit of some new purchase or pleasure.  Thus these men and women are classified as weird or maladjusted.

four endsI will continue to use Fr. Stehlin’s book “The Nature, Dignity and Mission of Woman” for my own reflections on what it means to be a true Catholic Man and Woman.

So when men and women attempt to be wholesome and holy, they need to stand fast and hold on to what their conscience tells them by the guidance of the Holy Spirit and Catholic morality.  Always remembering that it is God’s grace that shows us the way and keeps on the true path.

In spite of how it may appear or how much ridicule we may receive, the world is still longing for some good people with morals and character.  We go on being kind to those around us never knowing if some day they may ask the reason for our love, security and joy.

It is not enough to just be sexually pure and live a holy life.  These are only building blocks on which we build our vocation.  So we need to look for the will of God in our vocation to the priesthood, sisterhood, marriage or waiting to find out what God’s plan may be for us in this life.  We need to know that God wants us happy and only doing His will is the sure way to happiness and meaning in life.

IMG_8398Sexual purity and an upright life are so important to be able to see clearly what God wants from us.  If a man is looking at pornography and pleasuring himself, he gets blinded by lust and only seeks pleasure.   He is unable to seek God’s plan because of his shame, guilt and feelings of helplessness to overcome his evil addictions.  Many young men will turn their guilt into anger against religion and those around them.  They seek weirder and weirder sexual pleasures all in secret.  They rarely watch pornography in public.  They seek sexual pleasure in private.  They become obsessed with this un natural pleasure taking.  Many married men take their guilt out on their wives.

Dads and Moms need to monitor their sons computer history, put parental blocks on them.  They need to be in a public area where they can be monitored.  Cell phones with internet service and that receive pornography from friends need to be monitored.  Parents buy the kids these things and then they are used to destroy the soul of their children by pornography and friends who introduce them to this sick private sexual indulgence.

Women need to be more careful of social media like FaceBook.   In their longing for love and affirmation, women tend to do anything to get attention.  They will send lewd pictures to the man that promises them love and attention.  They will chat and waste time over nothing and have jealousy issues.  They will work hard on conquering the man they want even if he is married.  Parents need to monitor the time and with whom daughters are chatting with.

offer1Young women also can become victims of rape and abuse as they secretly look for prince charming to sweep them off there feet.  That is why it is important to be open to our parents and friends what we are doing and who we are communicating with.  Things that are good and are of God are done out in the open.  There is no shame or guilt.

So much of a youths life is wasted in sexual lust and hours working to buy materialistic goods.  None of these things satisfy or help them find their vocation or the meaning of life.

The greatest vocation is to become a priest or a nun.  But this takes sexual purity and freedom.  It also takes selfless generosity of oneself to God and neighbor.  And in order to  pursue this magnanimous vocation, one needs to get away from the noise and chatter of the world, family and friends in order to see clearly the great calling God has for one.  It also takes a great deal of courage to give all away for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

The Mass and Calvary_ink print 3If one is called to marriage, he or she needs to pray for the right partner.  They need to know if this is God’s will, He will put that person in their life.  There is a big problem with all the Catholic dating sites.  Yes some have found good spouses from this, but also many people play with each other and it is easily abused by immature men and women who are not really ready to get married.  More and more because of sexual and sensual lives, most youth are confused and unable to make a life time commitment.  Their maturity is stunted by sin.  The best way is to pursue someone who is a family friend and then doing family dating.  That means her family gets together with his family.

Once you have found a holy Catholic person, you need to keep the relationship pure and honest.  Women tend to be to quickly swept off their feet by the way the man talks or looks.  Start slow.  Never touch each other.  Love is a beautiful thing between a man and a woman.  So you do not want to destroy it by sexual activity and touching.  Many men become sexually addicted to a woman and she becomes emotionally addicted.  This is evil and will never last or produce a happy marriage.  Women sell their sexuality to get affection and men give affection to get sex.

Sorry to say, there is no Prince Charming or Miss Perfect out there.  We all have the effects and defects of concupiscence.  But over time you can see if the other person has good Catholic qualities when doing healthy family activities together.  Remember this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

In order to be happy, we want to please God above all things.  We want to be filled with His love and friendship.  Then we will be in a much better position to seek the priesthood, religious life or marriage because we will not be needy for love and attention.  We are free to give love and receive love unselfishly.  Let us begin by mortifying the ego (what I want), which never works, and start doing what God would want for my happiness.

st.-michaelPeople are indulging in every sort of sexual activity, drug, alcohol and shopping.  But they are not happy.  We are so fortunate to know that God Loves us and His way is the way of love, self discipline and sacrifice that ends in peace and happiness.