Dianne Reidy Overcame Fear to Say “United States is not a Nation Under God”

Recent information says that the stenographer for the House of Representatives on Capitol Hill was told by the Holy Spirit to say what she did.  She said it took great guts to do it.  I am just reflexing on why a woman spoke up and not a man.  If we men are not going to stand up for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, then the Holy Spirit will raise up women to do our job like Judith.  Hopefully we men will start working for the Christ the King.

illuminati-1Are we are afraid to speak about what is happening and wrong in the Church and in our country?  Let each one of us reflect in prayer on where the Holy Spirit is prodding us to speak the truth.  Why are we staying silent?   Is it because we will be criticized and considered extreme or labeled mentally unbalanced?

Yes, most of us who deeply love Jesus and His Church have been labeled and ostracized by the “worldly church” for loving sacred tradition.  But we need to ask the Holy Spirit to heal all the deep wounds we have received in this sacred battle and go on in charity speaking up.

Tuy_VisionWe are not called to copy the president who told the Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, and Bisexual meeting to “agitate”.  We are not called to do as Pope Francis told the youth at World Youth Day in Brazil “to make a mess in their diocese and shake things up”.
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  No we are called out of love for Jesus and our faith to speak and practice the Catholic truth.

Never forget what happened to Jesus, St.
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John the Baptist and all of the Apostles and Prophets.  Suffering and death and resurrection.ChristusRex4Freedom2