Traditional Catholic Men and Women # 11

Sin is the wrong path that leads us away from our goal, loving union with God.

Modernist TaxiWhen a man sins he perverts his talents and demeans himself.  He becomes confused in his mind and spirit and seeks vain glory and pride from his accomplishments.  In the scriptures we find that Jesus is harsh on men to get them out of their pride.

When a woman sins she falls for the forbidden fruit of mistaken love.  In order for her to obtain this false love, she wants to become the god of adoration for her man.  But she also longs after and makes him into the god who she thinks will fulfill all her desires.  The visible “man of her desire” blocks her vision of the invisible God.  No man can ever be the recipient of her total love.  Nevertheless she goes on trying to worship this false god of a creature.   And the lust filled man is more than happy to eat this forbidden fruit of adulation from a woman.
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 Just to receive love, she gives herself to a man to be used for pleasure and then she starts to live a life seeking a false love through pleasure.

Then woman start to take on perverted masculine attributes and can no longer be his other half.  Man and woman’s healthy relations break down and fall into the masculine error of pride.  Just look at the great technological tools we have helping us now in the house to the work place.  And yet the world has only grown cold because it is all these masculine goodies.  The world now lacks woman’s kindness, motherliness, mercy, reverence and tenderness.

Annunciation_stained glass_CarlAs women enter into all the masculine careers, it becomes unbalanced.  There can never be a good doctor without a good nurse, there can never be a good husband without a good wife.

Movies and songs define what it means to be a woman today.  Fashions expose the sacred feminine attributes that should be veiled.  Plastic surgery and makeup create a false woman to the groping male’s eyes.  I just read the lie on the Fox news that breast implants enhance women’s sex lives.  I guess that is because they measure being lusted after or hit on as an improvement in the sex life of women.  The grocery check out stands are full of magazines telling how to improve your sex life.  The sex revolution has not made sex better.  In the Book of Apocalpyse we  see this in the whore of Babylon.
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 She squanders her sacred femininity for lewd pleasures, countless vanities and conveniences.  And so the world heads towards the Babylonian ruin with more violence, abuse and lies.

All this must be rejected.  Men and women need to be willing to make loving sacrifices for each other in order to for strong lasting marriages and holy families.  If women return to their vocation of virginal, spousal and mother lives, men will again respect the mystery of womanhood and how their complementary relation is the image and likeness of God.  They will return to their knightly treatment of women again.

In this fallen state of our culture, only Jesus can redeem it through His own mother Mary.  Jesus can allow us to see our restlessness and emptiness from the addiction to pleasure and fan into flame our power to love by drawing near to His crucified Divine Heart.  Jesus uses Mary as the model of what it means to be a redeemed human.  But Mary is particularly a model for women.  Let us imitate her virtues of purity, obedience, faith and love.

Prodigal_son_MURILLO_Bartolom_EstebanJesus knows that no matter how far a woman has sunk into the mire of pleasure seeking, she still retains the beautiful nature of woman, that ability to love by forgetting oneself and devoting oneself to serve.  He also knows that no matter how far a man has fallen into his addictions, there is a noble prince waiting to be liberated from his dungeon of filth.

When Jesus met the Samaritan woman, right off he recognized her charity and asked for a cup of water.  This interior goodness called her to serve Him and allowed her to get in touch with here desire for the salvation of her soul.  She confesses everything to Him and He lifts her up from her guilt to transform her into an apostle to her entire town.  An ordinary bored woman is reconciled to God and runs off with joy to tell everyone.

Peter’s mother-in-law is the first woman to receive a miracle from Jesus.  Her fever represents misdirected love.  Craving for pleasure and wasting love leaves a person weak and without fruits.  Jesus frees the woman of this false passion and again gives her back life to be used to serve Him.  Like wise when the hemorrhaging woman touches Jesus’ hem, her weakness is filled by His divine force.  She is healed to use her life to give life.

030triniWhen the sinner Mary Magdalene came to Jesus, she came full of passion, the same passion that had lead her astray, she now directs toward Jesus.  She weeps holy tears of repentance and love.  Mary is extravagant, she pours all the ointment out.  The whole house is full of its fragrance.  When conversion comes, women can give themselves with passion and generosity to God’s service.

Many bitter tears are shed by mankind today as they more and more experience the anguish of being separated from God.  But women feel this deeper and are more easily depressed.  Women cry easier than men.  So Jesus uses tears of sorrow to bring a repentant weeping woman back to him.  But women also need to be careful about feeling sorry for themselves instead of sorrow for the sins they have committed.  Any feigned tears are the lie of the devil.

When Jesus delivered the possessed man, he does not allow him to be with him, but send him on to do his work for his family. But when it comes to the women of whom He frees from the devil, he allows them to stay by Him and serve Him.  These women can not live without Jesus because it is Him who keeps them safe from the wiles of the devil.

When the Pharisees bring the adulteress woman to Jesus, with his look and words, He instantly puts her at ease.  Gently He brings her to remorse and conversion.

Cuore-Immacolato-di-Maria-Fronhofen_Pfarrkirche_Fenster_Herz_Mariae (copia 3)Women naturally have God given gifts, but like men they can be perverted too.  Her motherly attention can be turned to petty and fussy pickiness.  Her awareness can be turned into unnatural curiosity, gossip and conniving.  Her ability to teach and correct her children with her words can make her over talkative.  Her ability to teach also can be turned into constant fault finding.  Her sensibility to the beauty can be turned into vanity and over buying beautiful things.  Her agile temperament can turn into moodiness.  Her sense of modesty can be turned into prudery or fake dressing.

The Immaculate Mary told St. Bernadette, “Look at me and do exactly as I do.”  The imitation of the Immaculate can give women the key to overcoming the fallen Eve’s defects.  Jesus is waiting to pick up men and women who have fallen into the worldly trap of seeking pleasure.  He can redeem our fallen nature and put it back on track to do the great things each sex is called to do.  Slowly, meaning will come back into our lives as we grow in a constant union with God and Mary.  We are so fortunate to have this traditional truth that counteracts the lie of the devil.  He says the meaning of life is to get as much pleasure as you possibly can while you have life.  Jesus say the meaning of life is a disciplined life dedicated to finding God’s love and other’s love and returning that love.