Communist China Purposing New World Order, Novus Ordo Seculorum

Today China calls for a de-Americanizing of the world and to have a New World Order.
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illuminati-1“Such alarming days when the destinies of others are in the hands of a hypocritical nation have to be terminated, and a new world order should be put in place, according to which all nations, big or small, poor or rich, can have their key interests respected and protected on an equal footing,” writes Xinhua.  Fox News. Oct. 13, 2013

But do not forget Oct. 13, 1917 in Fatima Portugal when Mary said to consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart, pray the Holy Rosary and do penance so that the errors of Russian (communism) would not spread all over the world.

The masons love Oct. 13 because that is the day that the Knight Templar Jacques de Molay was arrested and sentenced to be burned at the stake on Friday Oct. 13, 1307.  That is why Our Lady did the Miracles of Fatima on that day after the secularist government of Portugal had tried to shut down the apparitions of Fatima.  Masons and secularist do not believe in miracles because they are Diest who believe that the great architect in the sky created everything and wound it up and let it go without and divine intervention.  They sure had a surprise over the miracles at Lourdes and Fatima.  248_Fatima02

Mary is till taking care of us today.  But we need to simple do what she asks and we will see her maternal love for us her faithful children.
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