Illuminati, Catholics and Selling Your Soul to The Devil


pyramid-of-satan(5)This morning I visited all the catechism classes to tell them not to be part of the horror of halloween.  The subject of the devil came up and I asked the 8th. graders if they knew anyone who was involved with the Illuminati.  There were only 12 kids in the class.  We then went on to talk about people selling their soul to the devil to get famous and rich.  I ask if any of them knew friends who had sold their soul to the devil.  4 of the kids had friends that had done so.  I asked if their friends where from Catholic families and all 4 said yes.  So this is why our progressive modernistic Catholicism is not working.  How can that high of a percentage of young Catholics have already decided to sell their soul to the Devil.

lucifer1illuminati2So let us pray and work to teach the Catholic truth to the youth any way you can and save them from satan.  I told them that if someone has sold their soul, Jesus will always let them come back to Him, and that the devil can not keep them if they decide to repent and turn to Jesus again.  But I also told them that they will be harassed for the rest of their life by the devil for not keeping their deal.  Pray and Teach our kids the True Faith.  I doubt that many traditional Catholics are selling their souls to the devil.  That is why we are so fortunate to be traditional Catholics and know the real Catholic Truth.

John-F-Kennedy-on-the-Illuminati_previewSo talk to your kids and friends about what they know about the illuminati.  You will be surprised how many youth know a great deal about what you do not know.  We can help them with God and Mary and Catholic truth.

There are three very popular clothing brands at the moment which are pushing all Illuminati and masonic symbolism in a massive and obvious way. The names of these brands are OBEY, UNIF and Rocawear.  Check it out at the mall.

The answer against the power of satan is the person of Jesus protecting us through the Holy Latin Mass and all the other holy Latin Rites that exorcise away the power of satan and bring in the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.  Que Viva Christo Rey!