Castro And Che Guevara Are Progressives

With all the adulation given to Castro with the Cuban embargo lifted, I thought it good to repost the article on Che Guevara, who Castro supported and the love of killing Che had.

One of the most popular heroes is Che Guevara.  He is seen as a martyr for the poor.  You will see his portrait on many shirts.  But the reality is that he was an Marxist atheist who was born in Argentina into a wealthy family and then worked with Castro to bring about the communist revolution in Africa and the Americas.

chefamily.jpg-tmOct. 9th was the 46th anniversary of his death which took place on Oct. 9th 1967.  He was 39 years old.  Felix Rodriguez, who took part in Che’s capture in Bolivia, was recently interviewed.  Che was fascinated with violence and killing.  He was nothing more than a criminal and devoted killer.

lenin's formula 'rules for revolution'He was highly regarded and honored when he visited the Soviet Union and China.  He had 10,000 guerrillias fighting with him in Africa.  He chose Bolivia to fight in because it was a poor country and for this reason the United States did care about it.  He also chose it because it was bordering up to Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru.  It was far from the US and he could spread the Marxist revolution to these other countries.

Rodriguez said that Castro had sent Che to Bolivia so that he could be captured and die there and thus be made into a Marxist hero.  He was captured and later executed.
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 When he was captured he was dirty and without a uniform.  Upon hearing that he was about to be executed, “he turned white like a piece of paper”.  After his death, a Catholic priest is said to have come and given his body a blessing.
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 I am not sure if is what this happened, but Rodriguez said it did and wondered why an atheist would be blessed by a Catholic priest.  Che was from a Catholic family.

Felix Rodriguez, Che GuevaraHis last words were: “Tell Fidel he will soon see a triumphant revolution in America” and “Tell my wife (his second wife) to remarry and try to be happy”.

All this is very sad, but needs to be told so that the glamor of atheistic Marxism does not lure the youth into violence through a myth about a man who killed many people.

We Catholics believe in counter revolutions.  That means to stand up against evil revolutions.  How many revolutions have worked?  Rebelling and more rebelling against those that just finished rebelling from another group.   We pray for the coming of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Whom do we chose to serve? Man.che-guevara1232976553.jpg

Or God.litany2