More Traditional Faith

When we were baptized we were given the supernatural gift of faith.  Our parents, godparents, family and Catholic friends helped us to develop our faith into what we now have and practice.  We also have to put our whole mind and heart into growing in faith.

article-new_ehow_images_a06_s8_lj_purpose-holy-water-catholic-religion-800x800Without faith we have nothing.  There is absolutely no direct meaning about why we are living and why we have to die some day.  Yes, without faith in God and His Church, we still can know love, hate, nature and scientific knowledge.  But, with the certainty of serious problems arising at some time in our life time, we need faith to make sense out of it all.

Say that you have not been feeling well and you go to the doctor and hear him say the “cancer” word.  Yes, they have many treatments for cancer now, but still what will first rush through your mind is death and a possibly a great deal of pain in the course of treatments and final succumbing to the decease.

s.Teresa di Lisieux 06But if you have the gift of faith, you know that all things work to the good for those who love God.  You will still have anxiety, doubts and fear.  But your faith tells you that after suffering and death, (and if you have made a good confession), there is God waiting for you.  Heaven is such a great unimaginable gift from God for those who have faith and live it.  But to prepare for Heaven and to get to heaven we need faith.
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Everyday can be a school day in the way of faith.  We can read the Bible to hear about the miracles that happened in the Old Testament.  We can read the great miracles Jesus performed.  And we can read the great miracles the saints brought about during their lives and after their death.  We can also keep a record of miracles that have happened to us or to those around us too.

Peter_Crucifixion of_CaravaggioBut being humans as we are, we still are subject to a good deal of doubt.  This is natural and healthy.  I say this because our faith is build on nature.  What that means is that we have to use our natural faculties, like the mind and our senses, to investigate if our faith is really substantially based of truth.

Many young people go through this doubting stage.  I tell them that that is good because now they will be entering into a mature faith based on their own intellectual consent and not just on what they were told to believe.  It goes like this, they doubt and then with all their minds and hearts they begin the difficult job of investigating what the Catholic Church teaches to know that it is true.  This is a very hard job.  You need to dedicate time and energy reading and investigating about what the Church has taught through out the centuries, and study the miracles and history of other people who believed before us.

Duomo_di_monza,_interno_02Many young people give up their Catholic faith because teachers and friends have told them their is no God and that science has all the answers.  They are told that “weak” people depend on “myths” to survive.  This is just what the young person wants to hear because when there is no God, there are no moral rules.  Right at this time when all their friends are having sex, smoking marijuana and partying, it is just the excuse (belief system) they needed to justify what they wanted to do without guilt.  They can have any kind of sex, they can look at any kind of pornography, they can drink and drug and party, all being justified because there is no God and NO RULES.  No God, No Sin.

But then when crisis arise and everything comes crashing down, there is only their self, their family and their friends to depend on.  And then they realize you can not always depend of them, especially over the long run.  On the other hand, when you truly believe in God, everyone else can dessert you, but He is always their.

Here is where blind faith comes in.  If you put your faith and trust in God, knowing that in some way or another He is there to help you, sure enough He comes through for you.  He gives meaning to death, sickness and crises.

Raymond of Pennafort_paintingIn order to grow in faith it is very important to put your faith in God and see the miracles that do happen.  It is also important to review the miracles Jesus and the apostles performed.  The greatest miracle is the resurrection of Jesus.  All His disciples saw Him dead dead on the cross.  They scattered in fear and locked them selves behind locked doors.  They were deathly fearful of receiving the same fate as their leader Jesus.  But then when Jesus appeared to them risen from the dead and then receiving the Holy Spirit, they became bold and ended up being tortured to death for what they had witnessed.  Who in their right mind would be tortured to death for a lie?

So let us make the effort to study about our faith and the miracles that have and continue to happen.  Let us step out in faith and watch God act.  Let us pray for each other with great faith.  Then we will encourage each other, no matter how tough the going gets.  It is of utmost importance to remind each other of the miracles we have witnessed and received.  When things are going wrong it is easy to forget the great things God did for us in the past.  It is so great to have traditional Catholic faith.

Never forget; “It is the faith behind the prayer that makes the prayer powerful”