October 7th. Feast of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary

Order of Saint Pius V

Pius V 2On October 7th 2010, I wrote down that I felt called by God and Our Lady to start a religious order whose charism was to celebrate the Tridentine Rites and to help spread the knowledge and love for these rites all over the world.  The Holy Spirit is working powerfully by awakening Catholics (and especially young Catholics) to rediscover their lost traditional patrimony (what Pope Benedict calls “the Great Treasure”).  We will be part of this movement and by traveling, and hopefully someday starting a traditional Catholic TV station and Radio station.

This mission will be accomplished under the protection of Christ the King, Mary, the Angels and by reciting daily the 3 traditional mysteries of the Holy Rosary.  We believe 100% in the universal Kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the creator of the natural and supernatural order, to whom every human being and all society must submit.

images-7 2We will also keep in mind that helping save souls from hell and getting them into heaven is the most important thing anyone can do in this life.

This mission would be done by: 1) instructing people about these Rites, and 2) demonstrating how much power, adoration and beauty are inherent in them.  These Tridentine Rites are gravely needed today because of the strong satanic influence on the Church and the world.  Because of Latin, exorcisms and the ancient prayers contain in them, these Rites have enormous power against the devil.

We will connect with other traditional Catholics who feel isolated and discouraged so as to be able to encourage each other and help each other to keep on persevering in this extremely important mission.  We will work with other fraternities and orders that have the same goal in mind.

We are Catholics who believe in the 1980 years of Catholic teaching.  We are Bible believing too.  We will stay faithful to the Pope, (even if we may have to criticize him as St. Catherine of Siena did).  We will stand up against moral relativism and modernism, inside and outside the Church.

IMG_0749We will purchase beautiful vestments and religious goods in order to demonstrate the grandeur of these Tridentine Rites.  We will show pictures of traditional Catholic churches, altars and art to help others rediscover what has been lost or destroyed in the Church over the last 50 years.

We will strongly refute the idea that the “new church” of the last 50 years as good and the “Old Church” from before as bad.   We will simple present the evidence of the Rites, Altars, Churches, Vestments, Art and Prayers so that people can decided for themselves.

We will expose the extreme drop in the numbers of vocations to the religious life, the priesthood and practicing Catholics over the last 50 years to prove that something terribly wrong has happened in our “new church”.  We will be scientifically minded, and so let the empirical evidence speak for itself.

The name “Order St. Pius the V” was chosen because of his promotion of the recitation of the Holy Rosary to defeat the Muslims in the Battle of Lepanto on October 7th, 1571 and his great success in implementing the recommendations of the Council of Trent.  Also because he codified the Latin Rite Missal called “Pope Pius V Missal” that is used in the Latin Mass.

In order to try to start this order I asked for a year off from my diocese and parish to find a bishop who would support me in my effort.  That is why I have come here to Phoenix Arizona.  The vicar for priest told me that “if all goes well after a year helping out here and getting along with the priests, the bishop would probably support me in starting my community”.  I pray so.

At this point I really do not have anyone seriously interested in joining this order and I do not have a for sure yes from the bishop here.  But I feel that this is what the Holy Spirit is leading me to do and I feel like Abraham who was called out of his homeland in blind faith to start all over. I need his great faith.

380638207_543e609c62I also feel like the Israelite people who were freed from the slavery under the Pharaoh but whom quickly began to complain about the desert and food and wanted to return to Egypt.  I say this because I find myself complaining about missing all my friends I left behind in California and the beauty there, to come out into the desert of Arizona.

So I am trying to be much more thankful for all the wonderful things I do have here in the Arizona desert so that I will not get bitten by fiery snakes.  I truly am thankful for all the wonderful traditional Catholics I have met here at St. Catherine’s and for having been liberated from the persecution I received in my last parish for preaching against the evils of abortion, birth control, homosexual sex and immodest dressing.  I was also persecuted for promoting the Latin Mass and saying it was superior.

At least in this last year I have started this blog that has been successful in spreading traditional Catholic thought, thanks be to God and Mary.   I have also accomplished setting up a non-profit corporation called “Order of St. Pius V” that will handle donations.  This was done for free by the Wendel Rosen Black & Dean LLP law firm by two Catholic Lawyers Matthew Graham and Steven Cramer.  Thank you! to the firm and the lawyers.

Please pray for me and the founding of this order on the feast of Our Lady of The Holy Rosary.  In the new environment of anti-tradition it will even be more difficult, but not impossible to do (nothing is impossible for God).  Also pray that good priests and young men will help in this mission and that I find a bishopOr willing to support this mission.  And pray that some day I can eventually buy or find some property where I can start this order.