Progressive tendency toward Worldliness and Traditional tendency toward Holiness

Our world of movies, television, music, schools, politicians and people have totally different moral standards than what Jesus taught in the Bible.  As bishops, priests and religious go to movies and watch TV, it is having a deep effect on their perception of right and wrong.  The values of the world have permeated our homes, Catholic schools and parishes.  And most Catholics will not admit that they have been formed by the world’s values and go along with them.

Whore-babylon-luther-bible-1534[1]All surveys find Catholic’s beliefs to be consistent with what is popular in the culture today. And it is not only the non practicing Catholics, but those who consider themselves good Catholics.  For this reason I strongly advocate getting rid of the satellite dish and all channels coming into your home.  Use the actual TV for Catholic DVD’s.  Those who are shut in and cannot get out, EWTN is one channel that is worth while and helpful.

Every time I have taken our parish to see a good movie in a theatre, I am appalled at the content of the movies being shown in all the other rooms.  Do we not know that these are brainwashing us to believe in what the devil believes in?  Once in a while there is a good movie, I would suspect, but I have not heard of one for years other than those like “The Passion of Christ”.    Why does almost every movie have to have a sex scene in it?  How many people believe that this is alright because they have seen it over and over every time they go out to see a movie.  Do you ever see a woman getting pregnant from these scenes?

rub-hl-fam-detailThis shows why we traditional Catholics need to speak up about the sexual perversion that is being introduced more and more to our youth and adults.  If it was not an issue, then why do the movie producers put these scenes in movies?  Why did the masons and communists work on perverting our society through sex if it is nothing to talk about?
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 Because they and the devil knows that it is a powerful human passion and can be abuse very easily.  It also causes the breakdown of the family as youth act out on their sexual passions without the need of the loving bond of a permanent blessed marriage.

So these worldly values have definitely infiltrated the Church too.  And these are the Church leaders who speak out in favor of their progressive and liberal beliefs.  I have seen it over and over again that the fruit of these progressive liberals in the Church is their justifying sin away.  That means that what they consider sin is different from what the Catholic Church and the Bible has always said is sin.  Many will not use the word sin.

This is what we are seeing now with homosexuality.  If the Church leaders were honest, they would admit the connection between homosexual activity and sexual abuse in the Church.  In the John Jay report the statistics showed that 81% of the victims were males.  88% were between the age of 11 and 17.
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 That shows that most abuse cases that were settled were homosexual abuse with young men under the age of 18.
  Millions and Millions of good Catholic peoples money and donated property have been gobbled up by sinful sex abuse.

I am sure that the majority of priests and bishops who abused sexually or moved abusing priest around were progressive.  Just look at the Los Angeles Diocese under Cardinal Mahony.  I am also sure that some traditional bishops and priests abused too.   But it is way way less.  Have you heard of any sexual abuse by priests in the Society of Pius the X.  There may be, but honestly I have not heard of it.

litany2My point is that when we try to love God with our whole heart, soul and being, it is less likely we will be influenced by the world and the devil into thinking what is right is wrong and wrong, right.  There was a great prediction I read about a while ago that stated that in the end times, what God considered as wicked would be considered good and what He considered good would be seen as evil.  Just look at what is happening to marriage, homosexuality and  keeping your virginity.  In schools you are considered weird if you are still a virgin.

As we try to live the Gospel values and pray, we find we are labeled extremist weirdos too.  We traditional Catholics are sinners too.  But we have a passion for what is sacred and traditional.  This helps us so much, because when we are tempted, we have the clear understanding of what is right and wrong, what is sin and what is holiness.  Instead of giving in to the worldly way of thinking, we attempt to imitate the lives of the saints.  We are so fortunate to be traditional Catholics.  By holding on to tradition we help maintain and bring order and truth to our decaying society.

20550CAll the progressive, modernist, liberal Catholics can see the problem.  But their remedy is more tolerance.  That has not in the past and will not work in the future.  It only makes things worse.  Jesus is the way, the truth and life.  He gave us His Church and His Word to guide us to heaven.  All else is the lie of the father of all liars, the devil.  Let us not be deceived like Adam and Eve.