Traditional Struggles With Sin

We traditional Catholics love Jesus and His Holy Church.  But we are also sinners.  Being traditional means that we have a passion for restoring what is being ripped away from Holy Mother Church by the progressive modernist.  And to sum it up in a few words, watering down moral beliefs and practices.  This passion helps us not fall into sin as easily because we see sin and the devil as the root of all the chaos found in the Church and world today.

Ottawa 5But nonetheless we are tempted like everyone else.  And the devil will work harder on us because he already has the others working for him.  Most progressive modernist do not think they are working for the devil, but when you work against morals and right and wrong, you are actually helping bring about the kingdom of darkness, the kingdom of the devil.  So he needs to get us to co-operate with him in his work too.  So he tempts us.

So the devil and our friends will continue to work on getting us to give in to worldly desires and the flesh by getting us mad, or by justifying our sinning.  I have heard over and over again excuses for why people are sinning or have sinned.

I want to tell myself and everyone that will listen: There is no excuse for having sinned or on continuing to sin.  We are free sons and daughters of God.  That means we have FREE WILL.  If you do not have free will to make every decision, than you are an animal and not a son of God.  You are living by instinct.  That is how animals live and they actually do better than we do with the great gift of life.  They only have relations when they are fertile and to have offsprings.  They rarely kill their babies and will do anything to protect them.  We need to do better than the animals.

So we are all sinners redeemed by the Blood of Jesus on the cross.  We keep away from sin by the grace that comes from prayer, the Eucharist and a disciplined will.  Good friends would never ever condone our sinful actions.  Love demands that we save our family and friends from sinful behavior that hurts them and everyone else.  Of course we will be rejected for loving so much as to want to help save sinners from sinning.  Some day someone will thank us.  Especially we will be thanked forever in heaven.

civilizationI will forever thank anyone who helped me get to heaven.  I will thank all the priest who heard my confessions when I was in mortal sin.  I will thank my parents and friends who corrected me and warned me of my pending damnation.  That is true love.  If you had a person you love traveling along a road filled with huge boulders around a blind curve and say nothing to warn them of the danger, there is absolutely no love.  It is all a big lie.

If we have sinned we need to get up, truly be sorry and get to confession.
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 After confession we need to pray and reflect on how stupid and bad we are to have disobeyed God.  We need to learn the lesson.  When are we going to learn our lesson?  When it is too late?

Last night a mosquito was bothering me.  I was so tired and could not sleep till I had killed the mosquito.  I actually prayed to be able to catch the sneaky thing and thanks be to God I did.  But I was thinking if that tiny mosquito can bother me so much, why am I so stupid as to not care about the slimmest possibility of ending in hell where it is a billion times worse.  I guess it is because I really do not believe in hell or all the demons or the fire.

So we need to help each other and especially ourselves not fall into sin.  Just because we are traditionalist does not in any way keep us from falling into sin.  Humility is a very important virtue to have so that we do not fall fall fall.  Pride always comes before a fall.

blog_1366739277For this reason we are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and know what is right and wrong.  To know what pleases God and what displeases Him.  We love God so much that we do not what to go against Him or hurt Him with our sin.  We want to please Him by humbly obeying Him especially when it is hard.  And it all pays off sooner or later.  And the sting of sin will arrive sooner or later too.  The joys of heaven sooner or later.

Let us stay so close to Jesus and Mary on our pilgrimage here on earth.  Let us ask for grace from every Holy Communion we receive.  God loves us in our struggles to serve Him and to stay holy.  He will not abandon us because He loves us so much.