Pope Francis and Traditional Catholicism

All I do is get more and more disappointed with Pope Francis.  I know that no matter what I will always stay faithful to the Catholic Church and the Pope.  But I know that God wants us to be honest prophets who say the truth even when the majority of Catholics will judge us as not being good Catholics because we criticize the Pope.

Santo Padre 1In his long interview with the Jesuit Magazine we hear a variety of things.  I have not yet had a chance to read the whole interview.  But I have read excerpts from it.  He is consistent with what he continues to say in all his homilies, press interviews and Wednesday  audiences.  “Stop talking about sin and be compassionate to sinners”.  It is nothing different than what I had heard for years from all my liberal priests friends when I was liberal.  It is nothing different from what the liberal priests and bishops are saying right now in most parts of the world.

Most Catholic conservatives continue to say it is just how the media takes the pope words out of context.  I do not agree.  I think it is progressivism.  It is also social justice: stop being in the sacristy and get out and help the poor.  And it is misplaced compassion to justify the break down in morals in the Church and in the society.

An example is the young woman in Italy for whom he has adopted her child as its spiritual father to. The pope has been acclaimed a great hero for this.

Here is the story.  A woman lived with a man (sin) and he was abusive (sin of his violence and not getting married to a holy husband she knew well before hand).  She became pregnant and did not abort the baby. (of course you are not to kill the baby, that is murder and you should be put in jail for it).  He left her (sin of selfishness).

pregnancyTrue compassion wants us to have happy holy people.  All the sins of this woman and her boyfriend caused their unhappiness and loss of grace.  It also put their unborn baby at risk of murder.  So if I am a compassionate Catholic, I will teach them not to live together and tell them about the beauties of having children in a loving holy marriage.  I will speak out strongly against murdering babies and tell of the marvels of having children.

So the pope says “instead of judging sinners, accept them as they are and welcome them”.  “Yes, the Church’s teachings are still the same, but the important thing is to be a shepherd to the lost sheep with compassion”.  This also implies that if you do not agree with him, than you are the bad rightwing judgementalist.

Another well known example is about an unmarried woman and is not allowed to have her child baptized.  He says you are to baptize the baby.  Never in my life, as a priest, have I ever experience where a child was not baptized for any reason what so ever.  Maybe in some strange place that is the case.  At least I have never heard about it.  But the child should have a small chance of at least being brought up in a Catholic environment.  Again, look at all the baptized, confirmed Catholics in Mexico that are kidnapping, torturing and killing for drugs and for political reasons.  I am not saying that they should not be baptized, I am saying something is wrong with the Church and parents for not converting those who have been baptized.

IMG_8707Social justice is important.  Poverty is terrible.  We need to help and love each other.  We need to forgive each other.  But that is only a part of being a good Catholic.  The spiritual works of mercy are far more important than the corporal works of mercy because they deal with the eternal soul and the other with the mortal body.

The Spiritual Works of Mercy:

1) Admonish the sinner.  (Pope Francis seems to preaches against this).

2) Instruct the ignorant (about the intrinsic evils of abortion, contraception and homosexuality)

3) Counsel the doubtful.

4) Comfort the sorrowful.

5) Bear wrongs patiently.

6) Forgive all injuries.

7) Pray for the living and the dead.

The Corporal Works of Mercy:

1) Feed the hungry.

2) Give drink to the thirsty.

3) Clothe the naked.

4) Shelter the homeless.

5) Visit the sick.

6) Visit the imprisoned.

7) Bury the dead.

CabezasBut so that we may never forget; SIN CAUSES  POVERTY.  I will give you my list.

The Sin of Greed: the rich can never have enough wealth.  The invest and invest and never use all the money that is then left to the next greedy family member waiting for them to die.  They buy more and more farms.  They pay minimum wages to the poor worker who has to work more and more so that they can have more and more money and things.

The Sin of Sloth (Laziness): Some workers are lazy which causes poverty too.  The youth are no longer taught how to work by their parents and they expect everything without working.  They are entitled to it and deserve it just because they exist.  We are too lazy to cook a meal at home so we waste a great deal of money going out to dinner and buying fast foods.

The Sin of Gluttony by Eating Sugary and Junk Food: Healthy food is not that expensive.  When you buy just the basics like potatoes, rice, chicken, cheese, vegetables and flour, the cost is minimal.  But when you buy sweet things and junk food, you spend a lot more.  Also you spend a lot on medical care for diabetes and dental work.

The Sin of Divorce and Having Sex before Marriage: As the sin of promiscuity becomes rampant, we have people having relationships without the marriage commitment and if they do have children, they have to support them.  So they fight for child support.  They spend so much money on lawyers fees over visitation rights.  They have to have two houses, one for the dad and the other for the mother.
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 They have double rent or house payments.  They have double utilities, water and garbage bills.

The Sin of Abortion: Our economy depends on young people entering the work force.  With one third of the children being killed by abortion, they never enter the work force.  Besides these children never consume goods that are good for the economy either.

The Sin of Law Suits: with so many law suits and especially against doctors, medical cost has gone through the roof as well as medical insurance.  Since we have become lazy and greedy we want quick money by suing anyone we can.  Everyone needs more and more expensive insurance to protect against all the dangers of a law suit.  This adds on more cost to food, cars, medicine, doctors, schools and churches.

The Sin of Drama: Today in everyone’s lives there is so much more drama, incarceration, fighting and division in families.  This causes problems in getting to work on time, working hard and keeping a job.  Many jobs can not be filled because people can not pass the drug test or have a serious criminal record.

The Sin of Abuse of Alcohol and Drugs: As people continue to sin more by seeking pleasure of any sort, we see a huge addiction problem to drugs and alcohol.  These parents are unable to work or when they do they do a very poor job at work.  They also waste tons of money on drugs and alcohol.  This also drains governments of money for medical care for them.

The Sin of Government Spending, Debt and Taxation: The government wastes tax payers money and spends money they do not have.  This causes a huge national debt that sucks up our money paying the interest alone.

The Sin of Corruption in Governments. Government corruption sucks up the peoples money and goes into their pockets.

The Sin of Gambling: A woman told me the casinos are jam packed.  All this money and time wasted on gambling could be used to pay off debts.

The Sin of Compulsive Spending and Buying of Credit: As we live a more and more hedonistic life style, we need instant gratification.  So we buy what ever we want and charge it.  The credit card interest is very high.  But to get what I want when I want it whether I have the money or not, causes me to have to pay and pay all my debts.

The Sin of Huge School Tuitions: Most people are locked into a debt from University.  The the tuition is exorbitant.  Everyone has to get a piece of the education pie and all the students get in debt and loose their souls while they are away at university.

These are not all the sins that cause poverty and suffering.

So what I am saying is what is traditional.  Sin causes suffering here in this life and in the eternal world that is to come.  Holiness and sacrifice causes happiness here in this life and forever in the world to come.  So we need to preach against sin out of compassion and love for others.  We are also so blessed to be traditional Catholics and and by believing this we avoid all the suffering and drama caused by disobedience to God, or in other words sin.

Cristo sofferente Antonello_da_MessinaLex Orandi = Lex Credendi = Lex Vivendi.
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 As we pray traditionally we will believe traditionally and then we will live traditionally.