Labeled Traditional Extremist

Everyday is an opportunity to grow in holiness, knowledge and love.  Each one of us are at a different level of spiritual maturity.  In all humility, we need to admit we have not arrived at perfection yet.  Jesus says: “Be ye perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect”.  boschthelastjudgementtriptych2

So as the Holy Spirit leads us in knowledge of our traditional faith and truth, we want to alway progress.  Hopefully we are not the same person we were yesterday.  Actually it is impossible to be the same, in age or in life experience.  So, at some time, someone, or something we saw or something we read taught us about Catholic truth and tradition.  Our soul and mind latches on to truth.  Thank God we are made to recognize truth.

Besides the working of the Holy Spirit, there is the counter working of the “great liar”, the devil and all his evil helpers.  I know some people who know quite a bit about traditional catholicism, yet have decided to fight against it.  There are others who say they hate the Sacred Latin Mass.  It has to be something more than human forces at work when we now have Catholics hating and fighting tooth and nail against anything traditional.  How can someone hate what saints lived and died for before.

04-S_Giovanni_Bosco-8When we all die we will see how many martyrs there are who died just to stand up for the “Mass of All Ages”, altars, and statues at the time of the protestant revolution.  We will see all the saint priests who offered the Latin Mass with such devotion.  We will see how it formed all the saints in their way of holiness and in what they taught.  We will see how it sustained them in times of persecution.

There has to be pride and contempt to have such aversion of something so sacred and loved for hundreds and hundreds of years.  It is hard to understand the hatred and aversion without the influence of the devil.  “I want what I want and I like”.

3 - Oddi Altarpiece by RaphaelFor us who, over time, are lead by the Holy Spirit to rediscover what was always held as sacred for so many years, are now labeled extremist.  Many past friends will not discuss things with me anymore and discount everything I say and know because they call me a traditional extremist.

I am so thankful to the Holy Spirit for leading me to the “Mass of All Ages”.  I thank the Holy Spirit for opening my heart to love and value tradition.  I thank the Holy Spirit for educating me to see the reasons why the Catholic Church is in such shambles.

VL3W4888Pope Francis said that the Church has never had it so good.  He is older than I am.  Does he not remember the Church as I do before Vatican II when the churches, seminaries and convents were full?

I know that most of you reading this have been written off as extremist.  You priests have been labeled, punished and ostracized.  The best priest I know (and the best preachers too) have been relegated to tiny churches where few people have the blessing to hear them preach and offer the Holy Mass.

But I also see how God is using you traditional priests.  You may not be able to have the support of your bishop, but God is making you well known through His Own means, blogs, missions and YouTube.  What a blessing it is to be called extremist for Jesus.

NapolesI just pray that those who label us “extremist” would spend the hours and hours of time we have spent in researching Catholic liturgical history.  I wish all the priests who label us would say the Novus Ordo along with the Latin Mass for a year and then judge us and condemn us.

We pray that all these people will open their eyes to the problems that plague the Church and discover that the cause is the change in doctrine and in the way we offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Holy Mass.  Lex Orandi Lex Credendi.  As we pray so we believe.

How wonderful it is to be able to learn and discover something new about our Catholic faith everyday.  We must always be charitable to those who do not want to know or those who have never had the blessing to know the great blessing of Catholic Tradition.