Traditional Media and EWTN

I personally know Michael Voris.  I admire him greatly as a prophet who says it like it is.  Recently in “Miked Up” he reveals all the evil work that goes on behind the scene by Catholic Dioceses and other Catholics to stop him from speaking in different places.  He was not allowed to speak at the men’s conference in my diocese because he is perceived as “too controversial”.  God bless him for being willing to tell the truth about what is going on in most dioceses and parishes here in the United States.  I have experienced everyday exactly what he says personally in my life, as a liberal layman before I converted to right now as a priest.

Death_Skull_CHAMPAIGNE, Philippe deFor all of you who are reading this, your personal experiences in the Church are not to be discounted.  They are real.  We all can go on telling multiple night mares about what we have personally experienced at our parishes, Catholic schools, and dioceses.  It is plain reality, period.  And we, who have no power in the Church, have to sit by and watch the same liturgical abuses, sexual abuses and power abuses with very few people in the hierarchy who care enough to listen.  When you do write a letter to the Papal Nuncio you get a politically correct letter in return and no action.  When you write to the vatican you get no response.

You just have to suffer and pray, because the liberal Church, that is in power, does not care about defending traditional Catholic truth.  But this will change with time.  There are more and more orthodox bishops being appointed.  Thanks be to God for this.  But most of these are not very sympathetic to “The Mass of All Ages” or having honest discussions about the contradictions found in the Vatican II documents in conjunction with the Councils and Encylicas from before.

IMG_3218Much of the reason the Catholic media will not bringing these issues out in the Catholic news is that they fear that it will cause a backlash and or they might be black balled by powerful liberal bishops.  And all of these fears are real.

But if we are Catholics, it means that we have faith in the Living, Loving and Powerful God who is on our side.  Through out history, it was the few, that said the truth and suffered, who kept the Catholic faith and liturgies true to the Apostolic Tradition and Deposit of Faith.

One example is St. Athanasius.  Most of the Catholic world’s bishops, Emperors, Army and laity had succumbed to the Arian heresy.  It was the young deacon Athanasius who spoke up at the Council of Nicaea in 325 in defense of the true divine nature of Jesus (egual and consubstantial with the Father and the Holy Spirit, the Holy Trinity).  He was exiled 5 times and suffer greatly.  Because he would not re-admit Arius into communion with the Church when told to do so by the Emperor Constantine, he risked his life.

He did not let his fear keep him from doing his duty for the preservation of Catholic truth even at the cost of imprisonment, danger for his life and exile.  When he was exiled from Alexandria Egypt to the west, so much good came out of this.  He was able to strengthen the orthodox Catholics there against Arianism.  In the end, after so much suffering from church and state authorities, St.
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Athanasius and his supporters protected the Catholic truth of the Holy Trinity.  Jesus is man and God with two natures, divine and human.

Last Judgment_MEMLING, HansSaint Athanasius died in 367.  The emperor Constantius, who persecuted him terribly, died 6 years before.  Death, O Death.  In this life and at this time in the Catholic Church the liberals have the power.  But death will arrive for them, for me and for you.  Then the power of this world has no power at all.  Here we have no justice.  But there we have God’s justice.  We can take great comfort in knowing that God will be eternally grateful to us “for fighting the good fight and running the race to the end”.

The Catholic Media does not have the “Mass of All Ages” on everyday.  Because it is afraid to alienate the Church’s hierarchy and those who hate the “Great treasure”.  It will rarely say the “hard truths” about what is going on in the Church.  That is why I want to start a Traditional Catholic TV station.  What I envision is a TV station that has the best daily “Mass of All Ages”, along with the saints lives and traditional catechism.  But also have talk shows that discuss hard to discuss issues and report good traditional things that are happening all over the world.  I know that this is next to impossible.  Maybe one of you will do this.  Only God knows, but I do know that nothing is impossible for God.  Nothing.  It just takes great faith.  Maybe you know someone that can make this happen.  It is the time.

I respect Mother Angelica very much.  I know a good deal of the people and priest at EWTN.  I was a good friend of Deacon Bill Steltemeier and visited with him and Ramona right before he died.  But EWTN is not airing the Latin Mass very often any more.  I asked them about this and they said they were going to start to do it again.

IMG_6537I remember very well how Mother Angelica made it big.  At the World Youth Day in Colorado 1993, they had a girl play Jesus in the stations of the cross.  This bothered Mother Angelica so much and rightfully so.  It was blasphemous, having Jesus be a woman.  So she started complaining about the bishops and how they could make Pope John Paul II sit through this.  Then when she questioned Cardinal Mahoney’s document on how the Eucharist should be celebrated in his archdiocese, she really became the target of persecution from him and all the liberal Church.  In her biography you can read how the Church itself persecuted her terribly for speaking the truth.  Vatican II said for the laity to be involved in evangelization.  That is what Mother (a nun and woman) did and look how she was treated by the powerful cardinals and bishops in public and behind the scenes.

Over all these years of watching Mother Angelica and visiting Alabama, I was struck on how she continually became less and less charismatic and more and more traditional.  She began in a short habit and ended up in a full traditional habit.  She had the mass facing the people and in the Shrine to the Divine Nino it is now always celebrated ad orientam.

But when she had the stroke and was unable to talk or direct anymore, EWTN and those around it have stayed where she left off.  I have a theory if she was perfectly well today she would be having the “Mass of All Ages” everyday on the network.  I talked to Deacon Bill about my love for the Latin Mass.  I tell Br. David at the Shrine my thoughts too.  I told them that it is where the Holy Spirit is moving and where they will receive new life and vocations in the Church.

van corpus christi iiEvery time I go back to EWTN, and I do admire the people who work there, I see fewer and fewer vocations in the Poor Clare Monastery.  The Knights of the Holy Eucharist have very few young men who stay.  And the Franciscan Friars of the Eternal Word only ordain a few men.  They should be overflowing.  They have the whole world to recruit vocations from.  But what is it?  I think it is because they are resisting the Holy Spirit’s lead to become traditional Catholics.  All the traditional orders are bursting at the seams with young vocations.  Let us pray for EWTN, that has done so much good for the Catholic Church through out the world, to become traditional.  We are so fortunate to be traditional Catholics.