Traditional Catholics, 911 and 912

All my life I have traveled a lot.  Now, every time I travel, I am reminded of what the muslim religion has done to travel.  Long lines, I.D.s, taking off shoes, computers out and everything else out of your pockets.  Many times I have to take my cassock off or be frisked.  Nuns in habits are put through the same ordeal unless there is a imaging scanner at the airport.  I can only take a very small amount of wine for the Holy Mass in my carry on traveling mass kit.  Literally, everything that one travels with is inspected, with no more privacy rights.

Mass during WarFor you who quickly forget, it wasn’t always that way.  Before airports were very special place where families and friends accompanied you up to the gate and kissed you goodbye.  They stayed by the windows and waved goodbye with tears.  At smaller airports you could walk them right out to the plane.  And when you arrived they were all there with welcome signs and hugs at the gate.

If Catholics were responsible for all this terrorism, we would probably have to be an underground church with many of us in prison like Catholics are treated right now in China.  But because of “tolerance” and “diversity” over anything and any group (as long as they are not traditional Catholics or against homosexual activity), we make excuses for the muslim belief by saying the terrorist are only a few extremist.  It is very sad to know that even after all this, false religions are excused and traditional Catholics are persecuted by the Church itself.

Right now, all over the world, Catholics and other christians are being tortured, martyred and terrorized by the muslims and most Catholics do not even care.  Recently what has happened in Egypt and Syria are only tiny examples of what the muslims continue to do in Nigeria, in Iraq, in Yemen, in Saudi Arabia, in Iran and anywhere that muslims control the government.  Many Catholics will criticize me for criticizing the muslim religion.  They will criticize my traditional Catholic beliefs.  Yet the will not criticize this religion thats cause my brothers and sisters Catholic and christians to be blown up to pieces by muslim bombs, their churches being burned down and their children living in fear of their death right now.  There are reports of muslims crucifying little christian children.

1098378_226572927498428_2009195162_nI condemn all these actions and feel terrible for all the Catholics and christians who are suffering at this instant.  But I have to say that I admire how the muslims live their “distorted faith” with passion.  If we Catholics had only a drop of this passion for the true Catholic faith, we would be converting the world.  Before Catholics were a larger group (1 billion) and muslims a bit smaller.  Now, for the first time in history, the muslims have out numbered Catholics.  Why?  Because they really believe in their religion and we Catholics are not sure what we believe in anymore.  They are having children too.  And they are converting many Catholics in the USA, Europe and the Americas.

Since the muslim terrorist attack on Sept. 11 2001, the government of the United States has taken away many of our privacy rights.  They use the excuse of Home Land Security to frisk us, to look in our bags and to monitor all that is on our phones and computers.  I would not be surprised if what I am writing is being monitored right now.  FOX news had a photo of the list the pentagon has of terrorist groups.  Catholic and Evangelical christians are on that list.  You can just imagine how we traditional Catholic are viewed with our passion for the One and Only True Catholic faith.

Also because of 9-11, if you happen to be against abortion, (women’s terrorist plan of sucking out their babies from their wombs}, you also get on the list of terrorist suspects.  Pro Life now means you are a potential terrorist.  Just because of a very very few bad people who bombed abortion mills or killed an abortionist, all of us who stand up against murdering babies in the womb, are now classified as terrorist suspects.

All this todo about the lives lost in 9-11, and rightfully so, but what about the 4000 babies killed by abortion everyday and no one even blinks an eye.

IMG_3180We traditional Catholics remember 9-11 or September 11 as the commemoration of Saints Protus and Hyacinth Martyrs.  They were scourged and beheaded by the powerful Roman Government for not bowing down before the false gods that the Romans felt were their protectors and helpers in war.  Where is that Roman government now?  Nothing is a coincidence.  God always has a bigger, better plan behind the scenes.

September 12 is the feast of The Holy Name of Mary.  This feast day follows 9-11.  Pope Innocent XI set up this feast day in thanksgiving for the battle which defeated the muslims who were invading Catholic Europe via Vienna in 1683. Vienna was considered lost and the emperor and empress had left Vienna.  In a miraculous way, king John Sobieski of Poland arrived just as the muslims were making their final siege.

1270054212_d17be0cd06King Sobieski had gone to the Latin Mass that morning and prostrated himself before the altar, dedicating his life to God and Mary before going into battle.  (I wish a few proud Catholics, who are not kings, would prostrate themselves before receiving Holy Communion).  All the muslims were screaming “Allah” as they battled.  All the Catholics were screaming “Maria”.  We all know why the battle was won.  It was because the Catholic army of King Sobieski had gone to the Latin Mass and because God and Mary know how evil the muslim religion is.  King Sobieski wrote to Pope Innocent XI giving all the glory to God and not to himself.  He wrote “Veni, vidi, Deus Vicit”, “I came, I saw  and God won”.  This comes from the Roman saying “I came, I saw and I won”.

God and Mary’s intervention have save Europe from enslavement, forced conversion, rape, slaughter and murder by the muslims many many times over.  We traditional Catholics remember the battle of Lepanto in 1571.

We traditional Catholics are very aware of the modernist catholics in Europe who are using birth control, having homosexual relationships and not going to church.  Out of those who do go to church, most are pick and choose catholics.  Meanwhile the muslim immigration increases and their birth rate soars in Europe.  We traditionalist see it.  But the Church does not seem to want to see the writing on the wall.  “No Catholic babies + no strong Catholic beliefs + all religions are good = a weak Church that will fall to the strong muslims”.

IMG_3234We traditional Catholics will be persecuted by the Church.  We will be watched by the US government.  We will be hated by the muslims.  But we will have faith and children for the future.  And, more than likely, we will someday be martyrs for our faith like all the saints that we celebrate so often in the Latin Mass Calendar.  But we know and believe in the power of God and Mary and all the saints and martyrs and angels that surround us and cheer us on to make it to heaven.  We are not citizens of this world, we are citizens of the heavenly homeland.