Traditional Men and Women # 8 Their Bodies

The human body is the temple of the Spirit and for this reason very precious.  Through this gift of the body we express what is deep in our souls.  How we carry and clothe our body reveals and conceals who we are.  So all the christian virtues of a man or woman are to be expressed exteriorly with dignity and respect.  A woman’s actions are very different from a man’s: her voice, her words, how she carries herself and how she dresses.

01educatMen were created to strive upward to the goal (God over us).  So he does this by his legs (wearing trousers) as he moves toward his goal.  He is always brings everything around him into motion so as to realize his ideal plan and to build.  Boys are called “over active”.

Women represents rest and interiority (God in us).  Thus she wears a dress to emphasize her stability.
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 Wearing pants deny her characteristics as a preserving, peaceful force and a protective womb.  She is the home and hearth where the man and child can find rest and renewal.  Girls have an easier time sitting still in classes.

The woman preserves the divine depth of love and life.  She is the mystery that is veiled.  So wearing revealing clothing is contradictory to her nature.  As she becomes accustomed to revealing her body, she loses connection to her own depths, her mystery, and becomes an empty person incapable of completing her mission.  Everything becomes exterior.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA woman is too precious to reveal herself to all who pass by.  She is throwing away the gift of herself that is to be saved for the “beloved other”.  In this way she loses her greatest power, which is to love.
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 Instead she becomes an object of lust and not of love.  She gives herself to many men, but is incapable of giving her heart and body to the one beloved.  And thus she becomes lonely and used by men who want her external body and do not care about her interior true self.

Clothing represent the stages of a woman.  As a virgin she dresses modestly with color and flowing hair that protect her virginity and purity.  As a spouse that has found her “Beloved Other”, she dresses and acts in ways that do not draw the attention of other men because she is saved for “her love”.  And so she dresses with more restraint, concealing her womanly charms from the world and saving them for her husband.  And as mother she dresses tastefully to give the right example to her children.  How sad that some children have to see their mothers dressed immodestly.  So this means that women have the responsibility to dress dignified even at home.   How beautiful it is to have a modest mother.

Madonna of the Franciscans_DUCCIO di BuoninsegnaTraditional priests dress in a cassock or habit to cover their whole body to be a presence of God’s eternal peace and unchanging happiness on earth.  He also represents the security and rest found in God.  The cassock also speaks of the priesthood, detachment from the world and worldly things.  We all look alike because we are not important individually as much as we are in our mission of saving souls.  The attire says a great deal as you can see in other priests who do not even wear cleric clothing.  They dress as if they do not want to be know as priests in public or as is they what to be just like everyone else.  Wearing the cassock can be very hot, yet it is worth it to keep priestly dignity.  So many women say they dress immodest, showing everything, because the weather is too hot.

Protecting the interior life of a woman, allows her to be the rest and security for her husband and children in the home.  We live in an nervous world, full of noise.  Yet life develops only in a peaceful and secure environment.  God has created women to be constant, patient home maker so that the children and husband can come home to love and security.  The woman is only able to give this love when she goes to the source of rest at Jesus’ feet in prayer.  God is the final home for everyone.  In Him we rest secure.

After trips, school and problems, everyone wants to go HOME where mother is.  There is nothing so sad, as an empty house.  So many kids come home from the crazy school world to an empty home.  Mothers go out and work to buy things for their kids. Their children come home alone and get in trouble searching for that love that should have been waiting for them there.  The woman’s womb was the first loving home for the child.  That is why children feel secure with their mother.  She also likes what is stable and familiar.

Una mañanita fría en Los AltosMen are explorers and like the new and changing.  But women see change and new things as a possible source of danger.  Therefore these women want what is solid and are good at passing on what is traditional and true.  They are weary of the ever changing church and their wreckamodeling.

Mary is the sweetness of a heavenly mother.  She is constant and waiting for us when we need her and come home.  Her heart is the home where we can rest from all the turmoil in the Church and the world.   We are so fortunate to have such a God and His gift to us, Mary Our Mother.  She is always at home waiting for us to go to her in prayer.